How to enjoy football when you can’t play

Football is one of the best sports around. It’s fun, it keeps you fit, and there is such a team spirit in the game that it just can’t be beaten. If you play, you’ll understand this completely. If you don’t play, you’ll still see just how athletic and talented the players are, and how well they work together.

What if, however, you can’t play? If you have suffered an injury, you’re not well, or you don’t have time? Don’t worry; you can still enjoy the game just as much as a spectator instead of as a player. Here are some ways to enjoy the game when you can’t play but still want to be a part of the beautiful game.

Support a team

If you can’t play yourself or you prefer to watch, then it’s much more fun when you support a team. Supporting a team doesn’t mean you can’t go and watch other matches with other teams playing, but when your team is on the pitch it makes for a much more exciting game – you will have someone to root for, someone to learn football betting tips for, and a reason for watching, even if you have to travel.

Not only that, but you can enjoy supporting the team even when they’re not playing. You can buy merchandise, hunt out souvenirs, find other supporters to chat with both in person and online, and much more. Supporting a team brings the game to life.

Understand the rules

To make the most out of enjoying football, if you’re watching not playing, it’s best to understand the rules. Most of the game of football is relatively simple; the essence of it is for two teams to try to kick one ball into their opponent’s goal.

However, there are specific rules like the offside rule, which it is good to understand. Knowing this and other rules, such as why a corner might be given, will mean you won’t be confused when watching a game, and you won’t be distracted by trying to work out what is happening.

Even if you know nothing about the rules of football, a scan on the internet or a chat with a football fan will guide you to what you need to know.

Don’t just watch the ball

It can be tempting when you’re watching and not playing just to keep your eye on the ball and not anything else. The problem is that you will miss a great deal of what is happening on the pitch, including plenty of excitement.

Remember, there are 22 players on the pitch during a game (unless injury or poor play has meant they have been sent off due to a red card or had to leave the game) and that means there are 20 other players to watch other than the one who has the ball and the one closest to them who is trying to take it from them.

Football can be a complicated game, with a team working perfectly together to try as hard as possible to win. Although the ball is always going to be the focus, what the other players are doing could be the difference between a win and a loss, so it’s wise to pay attention.

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