Ireland, the Team and Trapattoni: Your Views

We asked for your views – as well as scouring Irish forum – on the aftermath of tonight’s game against Cyprus on Ireland and their chances of making it to South Africa, the squad and Trapattoni’s tactics.

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Weakpoint in midfield?

Our midfield is shocking, Whelan and Andrews can’t play together, they’re the exact same player. Whelan barely contributed tonight, in previous games we were blaming Andrews for that. McGeady needs to be playing from the start, and stop playing long ball football against the lesser opposition. We have the talent, it’s time to use it, another performance like that, and not only will Italy make fools of us, Montenegro will aswell.

Trapatonni deserves credit but is a very f***ing lucky general as opposed to a tactical genius some on here are portraying him. The Whelan and Andrews problem isn’t going away – they’re still not good enough and if we got rid of one of them for a player who can put a foot on the ball we’d be so much better. They aren’t even very good at what they do – literally just marking space whether it’s under instructions or what have you.

Diabolical performance. I’m actually astonished we won the game as I really couldn’t see a goal coming. There’s no Plan B whatsoever. Whelan showed how rubbish he is once again and Andrews wasn’t much better. We got out of jail big time.

The big talking point on the current line-up is the centre-midfield. Are Whelan and Andrews good enough to start together if Ireland got to the World Cup? Or will Andy Reid be recalled into the fold along with Stephen? We all dream of Stephen Ireland returning to the national team, would you start him?

Richard Dunne over the hill?

Richard Dunne remains a pivotal member of the team, however I think he’s been showing one or two signs that he’s peaked.

Richard Dunne nearly got beaten and conceded a penalty tonight, is he disimproving? Or are the difficulties around his move from Manchester City to Aston Villa still in his head? There is no doubt he’s a vital member of the team, leading from the back. Ireland’s defensive options are limited, but Dunne must be one of the first names on the team sheet.

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Keane key to qualifying?

Awful performance, lack of any centre midfield BUT great result! Trap knows we got lucky tonight and he has a lot of work to do before the crunch games at home in Croker. It was definately a case of get the result now get the hell out of here. Keane is dragging us through this group with some very important goals, he hasn’t been playing well but he’s doing what you want your striker/captain to do and score the goals to get you the points.

Keane is certainly popping up with some very important goals, what you would expect from the leading striker and captain. He’s now scored 40 international goals, as well as leading the line every week for Spurs. Ireland’s most important player?

Trap lacking a Plan B?

Got to hand it to Trap. He has produced the most dull team ever thanks to the “hoof-ball”. But we are getting the results and are in a much better position than I thought we would be in. If Bulgaria get a draw against Italy – top position will be in our own hands.

That was another terrible Irish game to watch, Cyprus were a very poor opposition and should never have been allowed in the game. Kilbane should be thrown on the scrap heap, he is a serious weak link, Keane, Doyle and Duff were the only actual players on the pitch. If O’ Shea gave a performance like that for Utd he wouldn’t get a game for a long time. The midfield is just crying out for some creativity, I don’t know whether it is the players lack of skill or constraints enforced by Trapattoni but it needs to be sorted if there is to be any chance against even a weak, aging and in transition Italian squad. The job was done and it is set up nicely for the next game but a lot of work has to still be done before hand. I’m sure the players will rise to the occasion and the possible grandstand finish to the group, here’s hoping.

Trapattoni’s tactics have come under alot of scrutiny. Will the long ball and by-passing of the midfield do us any favours when he have to keep the ball down and play with it? He has limited resources, are his tactics showing a distrust in his team as others suggest? Do we have a Plan B?

Send us your thoughts in the comments below. The biggest question of all, will Ireland eventually make it to South Africa?

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One thought on “Ireland, the Team and Trapattoni: Your Views

  1. Our starting 11 should be, (on present available players) Given, O’Shea, Dunne, St. Ledger, Kelly, Whelan, A. Reid, McGeady, Duff, Doyle and Keane

    Obviously if we had Ireland, he’d be playing over Reid.

    Stephen Hunt is a supr-sub, type of player that caues havoc when the opposition are half-exhausted. Folan is also proven himself effective. Morrison ha earned a recall on recent performance.

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