World Cup 2014 betting tips

With the World Cup on our doorstep, many of us will be looking to cash in on football’s greatest show and hope to hit the metaphorical jackpot with some betting.

So, inspired by Ray Winstone’s head, I have taken it upon myself to offer up some advice to those of you looking for a fat World Cup profit.

Top scorer

It is hard to look past Neymar (10/1) or his Brazilian compatriot Fred (20/1) for top scorer. In an attacking team, and respective Player of the Tournament and Top Scorer in last year’s Confederations Cup, one can expect this Brazilian duo to be amongst the goals. For an alternative choice, it may be worth considering Edin Dzeko (66/1) at slightly longer odds. Although Bosnia will struggle to reach the latter stages of the tournament, they find themselves in a favourable group – and with Dzeko as the main focal point of the team, you can expect him to make an impact.

Group game match bets

It wouldn’t be a World Cup if there weren’t some proper shocks along the way, and if you spot them you could be in the money. Italy have failed to beat Luxembourg in a pre-World Cup friendly, and if you think Costa Rica could pick up a similar result against them you can get (4/1) odds for a draw, and (8/1) odds for a Costa Rica win. (11/2) for a Honduras victory over Switzerland are also attractive odds.

Stage of elimination

Bosnia-Herzegovina may not be contenders in their World Cup debut this year, but considering their deceptively strong squad and their relatively open group their (11/2) odds to reach the Quarter-Final do not seem to be unreasonable.

Equally, Belgium unquestionably possess one of the strongest teams on paper in the whole tournament. Their (13/2) odds to reach the semi-finals do not seem like bad odds at all.

Group tri-cast

Although always a risky bet, the group tri-casts offer some very attractive odds, particularly in the more open groups. Colombia/Japan/Greece (10/1) in Group C and France/Switzerland/Honduras (18/1) in Group E seem to be particularly good bets.

England’s top scorer

Danny Welbeck (9/1) seems to be a fantastic price. Despite his critics, Welbeck performs well on the international stage, and one would expect him to play most games this summer. At his most effective, Welbeck is a danger to most teams, and can certainly cause the poor defences of Uruguay and Costa Rica some serious trouble with his pace.

Outright winner

Although many of you will be going with the favourites (Brazil and Argentina), both France (20/1) and Portugal (25/1) are priced very reasonably, especially when you consider France’s more favourable group drawing, and young talented squad.

However, the patriots amongst you may even want to get behind the Three Lions and have a bet on England (28/1) – and with odds that long, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to put your faith in Roy’s boys!

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