Will Wayne Rooney succumb to the calls from China?

This season has seen unending debate and speculation as to what is to happen to Wayne Rooney,  Manchester United and England’s record goal scorer.

It has been quite noticeable that Wayne has spent relatively a lot of time on the bench, which must be hard for a player who has been an integral part of Manchester United football club for what seems like forever.

In spite of the fact that the only players who have featured more than Rooney in all competitions this season are Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic; nevertheless Wayne has only started eight English Premier League matches, which are as many as Marcus Rashford and only one more than Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

At the start of the season Jose Mourinho already declared that he did not consider Rooney as a midfielder, but more suited to a striker’s role.

But, with the success of Zlatan, who has made himself indispensable to Manchester United with 18 goals in 30 appearances; means that Wayne will find it struggle to dislodge the Swede anytime soon.

Furthermore, it is a near certainty that even if Ibrahimovic stays in Manchester next season and delays his USA adventure; it is only logical that Jose will be looking to add a big name signing that can give the club at least another 15 to 20 goals per season.

So Wayne Rooney would be right in looking at his options outside of Old Trafford.

In a perfect world, Wayne would have probably wanted to end his career at Manchester United.

However, the modern day game is not that romantic, and there is a logical route to try to maximise one’s value before the inevitable.

For the chosen few, who have global appeal and draw, there is opportunity to command huge fees in the United States and China.

Currently, his weekly wage at Manchester United is £250,000; so China seems to be the only real option left, assuming that the player wants to maximize his earning potential.

Rooney’s trusted advisor Paul Stretford has contacts in China, and it is rumored that clubs in the Chinese Super League are willing to pay £1 million a week to have one of the most talented in players in the world.

This type of money is very hard to turn away, and on the face of it all; it seems like the perfect career move that ticks all the boxes.

Wayne Rooney would be right in thinking the money would be great, would be guaranteed first team football, no expectations of being call to the England team and still command the adulation of nation of fans.

However, there are downsides to everything, even a £52 million annual wage packet in China.

At the age of 31, Wayne has still got a lot left to offer in the top flight; assuming he can accept a pay cut.

There are still trophies to be won whether it be in England or Europe; and we all know that he has the determination and discipline to make a major contribution to any top team.

Another big drawback is the dramatic change in life style, and whilst one can argue that money can help in big way to resolve this issue; at the end of the day, home is home – and it is definitely not China.

This is even more important when one knows that it will be hard on his wife and even more so for his children.

The fact is even if his family stays in England and visits whenever, it will still be tough, and lots of players have not been able to cope with the abrupt change in their surroundings.

Online sports betting operator such as Sportingbet, football fans and sport commentators are all divided as to where Wayne Rooney will be at the start of next season.

Let’s hope that the Manchester United legend does not keep us in suspense for too long.

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