Will the real Wayne Rooney please stand up?



High time I chucked Wayne Rooney from my fantasy league team!


Manchester United need the ‘world’s best striker’.

These were words splashed around on social media by ‘fans’ after Manchester United’s lackluster start to the 2015/16 English Premier League campaign which has seen them win two games and draw one in absolutely ‘boring’ fashion.

And despite this being the very start of the new football season, knives have been drawn out and it is none other than ‘Mr. Manchester’ who has been made popular target.


Such amnesic ‘fans’ have probably ignored the fact that Rooney is of course no longer that 16-year-old boy wonder who scored that sensational last-minute dipper of a goal against Arsenal in 2002 at Goodison Park.

Evidence is his sluggish performance in the first three league games of the 2015/16 season, where he looked like a player well past his prime (discounting his ‘assist’ in that one-nil win against Spurs), neither without pace nor his trademark bullish approach.

Rooney even had to be subbed off in that Champions League home play-off canter against Club Brugge, which raises more questions over his Old Trafford future.

So will this be a season to forget for Rooney or can he bounce back in uncharacteristic fashion?

Rooney is only 29 (meaning he still has a good number of years left in him to play at the top level) and even the fact that it is just the start of the new season, gives him enough incentive to perform and shut detractors up later on.

Though the trio of Memphis Depay, Adnan Januzaj and Marouane Fellaini resemble speedier and faster power boats compared to ‘slow-coach’ Rooney at the moment, still one good game may be quite enough for the veteran to change the tide.

Also, Rooney (despite age and heavy legs catching up with him) has produced that occasional piece of magic (that bicycle goal against Swansea last season anyone?) which only proves that he still has the will and gumption to soldier on and give it his all.

With a Champions League spot looking very much the possibility (provided they stave off Brugge in Belgium) and an away league fixture looming large against Swansea (August 30), what better time than this for Rooney to get his act in place.

Of course buying a Neymar will never ever be a permanent solution, since the ‘world’s best striker’ for all his trickery and talent definitely cannot replace Rooney’s history and legacy at Old Trafford.

Mr. Rooney you can go ahead and unleash one of those thunderous shots or overhead kicks which made you a club legend over all these years.

So will the real Wayne Rooney please stand up!

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