Why Van Persie is worth £15m

After it emerged last week that Manchester United were indeed interested in Van Persie to the point where they had opened the chequebook to the tune of £15m, Arsenal and its fans were up in arms over the price.

Surely any striker that has scored 20 plus goals in one Premier League season is automatically worth £20m at least I hear you cry. Let me tell you why the price tag placed on their prized asset is too high.

Firstly Van Persie’s average league goal per season ratio in his eight years at Arsenal stands at a lowly £12m where £10m would probably become a better reflection of his value. At times Van Persie seemed to be more fragile than a box of kittens in a snakepit and his next injury could strike at any moment. Granted he is now in the peak of his career, but as his current team mate and year long absentee Jack Wilshere would admit injury can strike anyone at any time.

Despite his age and talent he would not bring any significant experience of winning trophies to the table. With only a UEFA Cup at Feyernood and an FA Cup and Community Shield at Arsenal to his name he would not add something to the team that others such as Welbeck or Hernandez can’t already offer. The more likely outcome is that he will become the new Berbatov, frustrated at a lack of games due to the famous Fergie pecking order.

If Arsene Wenger is holding out for more money then he is arguably going to need to revise his negotiation skills. Rejecting £15M could well give off the signal that he is unwilling to sell and further offers will not come flooding in meaning Van Persie could walk away for free after a season long head turning exercise. However accepting £15M would arguably give other clubs more of an incentive to go over the top of that figure inflating the sale with the likes of Manchester City also ready to splash the cash. Not to mention the money a “business” such as Arsenal would save on the mega-bucks contract offer apparently on offer to Van Persie, a dangerous precedent to set if other team members excel this coming season.

There is no argument here over the skill and talent of Robin Van Persie as he is a class act and a truly world class footballer. However with his career record, Arsene Wenger should be driving Sir Alex to the bank himself  to recoup the £15m transfer fee and clear a player out of the squad who no longer wishes to ply his trade at the Emirates Stadium.

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Tomos Llewellyn

I am currently a History BA student, 20 years of age, looking to further a career as a football journalist / writer. I follow the game at almost every level including the mighty Aberystwyth Town FC.

8 thoughts on “Why Van Persie is worth £15m

  1. You seem to have overlooked a significant point; last season was the first where he played as the main striker. He normally played ‘in the hole’ or shadow striker. As a number 9, his value has shot up, excuse the pun, so credit yet again to Wenger for converting him. Yes, he may be injuredat anytime.

  2. You miss a vital piece of the negotiating jigsaw – Arsenal don’t want to sell.

    Wenger should accept the £15m bid in order to draw in overbids? are you kidding me? and if these bids don’t come in, Wenger has sold our best player to a title rival for less than he’s worth. genius manoeuvre Tomos.

    I actually don’t think the RVP transfer will happen, because I think you’re right, RVP isn’t worth more than £15m to the buying clubs, but he is worth way more to Arsenal. That conflict can only be resolved by a club who don’t value money, ie. Man City/PSG

  3. Rvp is worth what ever arsenal decide hes worth not what you decide hes worth.they pay his wages and as it stands hes the top scocer in the epl.so write about something worth while.leave the transfer value of a player to his club.

  4. Haha are u kidding!?

    A truly world class player yet because of his earlier years you rate him at 10-15m. Pah!
    This is the kind of bid that gives Arsenal the best chance to get him to sign on for a few more years.

    Why would Arsenal want to strengthen direct opposition, weaken their own squad for this kind of bid when Juve are keen for 20m already, Man city paid 20m for a Nasri on his last year last season so I’m sure they have what it takes to hit a 20m -30m bid to fly in the face of a more realistic Man U bid.

    Anyway If robin leaves on a free at the end of the season you can bet every cent he’ll be after a spot at Barcelona, not man u.

  5. well said! anything around 10mil will do,knowing the kind of record he has….eh eh he’s an idiot to think he’s the best ever to play for us.King Henry said he rvp will not be missed….

  6. I appreciate and in fact welcome all the comments and I’m glad the subject draws in plenty of strong opinions.

    No opinion is wrong or right it’s simply an opinion and that was mine.

    Having said that, @Goonerman the fact he has been converted in more recent seasons is certainly a fact i should have considered more and mentioned.

    @Jimi, directly strengthening the oppossition isn’t always a bad thing. There is no guarantee of even a starting spot for RVP in either Manchester team, creating a unhappy player.

    It is for this same reason Arsenal should sell – he is unhappy. Look after your players and the team will look after itself. RVP giving 50% this season then leave on a free, personally, to me is not as good as taking even £15M for him and having a fully committed squad.

    I seem to remember a much greater goalscorer, a certain Mr. Henry, very similar age, being sold for around £18M to Barca. That then gave the likes of RVP to further develop and flourish. What’s to say RVP leaving will not have a similar effect?

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