Why David Moyes should not be sacked

David Moyes UnitedFollowing Manchester United’s 3-0 home defeat at the hands of arch-rivals Liverpool, the calls for David Moyes to get sacked have started to reverberate around Manchester once again.

Although Moyes hasn’t particularly impressed this season, it would be highly illogical for Manchester United to sack him and here are the reasons why.

While it may be hard to stomach for some United fans, a certain portion of the blame for United’s current predicament does lie at the door of a certain Sir Alex Ferguson. Make no qualms about it, Moyes inherited this team as champions and may have been fooled into thinking this side would be good enough to challenge again, but it wasn’t. United are now 20-1 longshots with Titan Bet to finish in the top-four this season, let alone challenge for titles.

The point is that Fergie knew this side needed a certain amount of re-building. His players were ageing yet he didn’t exactly bolster the side during his final season in charge. True, he brought in Robin van Persie and Shinji Kagawa, but he didn’t strengthen the defence or the midfield, the two areas that have been exposed time and again this season.

Can Moyes blame all of this season on Ferguson? Of course not, but his predecessor must take a portion of the blame for leaving him with a weak squad.

So, we have discussed the frailties of the United squad. A weak squad is something that needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. There’s no quick fix to rebuilding a side. Look at Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool. He was given time last season to rebuild his squad. The board and the supporters did not get on his back when he finished seventh and 28 points behind United.

Now, Rodgers and Liverpool this season are realistic title contenders. Rodgers has used his 12-month probation period to full effect and now has one of the most rampant teams in Premier League history.

United can afford to give Moyes 24 months if needed, and he probably will need it considering the disarray of the United squad but, if afforded the time, United could reap the long-term rewards. There is no quick fix in football, and getting rid of Moyes would undo any work that the Scot has done there, setting the club back even further.

The final reason to keep Moyes is the fact that there are no viable alternatives to replace him. Would Sir Alex come back to Old Trafford? Probably not, and if he did it would only be a temporary solution. Current Netherlands boss Luis van Gaal has also been highlighted as a possibility but in recent years his managerial pedigree has come under question.

He was a brilliant manager at Ajax and Barcelona in the 1990s but since the turn of the century he has struggled with the modern game, short stints at Bayern Munich and Barcelona highlighting precisely this. The guy everyone would like to see in charge is Jurgen Klopp, but it seems unlikely that he will walk away from Borussia Dortmund. In summary, getting rid of Moyes will create a void that no current manager would be able to fill.

In conclusion, there is no bigger David Moyes critic than himself and he will be itching to rectify his side’s alarming slump. What’s more, the team he has was one that he inherited and not one that he built. He should at least be given the opportunity to create his own side. And finally, there is nobody out there who could do a better job than Moyes at Old Trafford.

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10 thoughts on “Why David Moyes should not be sacked

  1. yea yea…Moyes is unsackable. His career is more important than the fortunes of the club and the well being of 600million fans around the world.

  2. Are you David Moyes? No-one else would agree with you. You put Klopp, Gaurdiola, Mourinho or anyone else in charge of that squad and you’d hvae a Top Four finish. Put Moyes in charge of Barc, Payern, Real or Chelsea and he finish 7th. Never watned him then, don’t want him now. Moyes out.

  3. bruce – speak for yourself not “all of us”
    i think moyes should be given the rest of the season, summer window and then re assess at the start of december where we are at. if we are in a title race, great, if not, then bye bye

  4. I believe he deserve the chance to turn things around..i stil remember his days @everton..goodison park was never an easy place to play footbal..he managd to turn it into a lion’s den even with little resources..

  5. Whilst SAF left a team that did need some work, he left a team that was prepared to work hard and fight for results. He left a team that was tactically flexible, with a strong work ethic and enough star quality to win important games.

    David Moyes has lost the dressing room. Tactically, he’s a simpleton who can’t envisage that tactics have moved on since Charles Reep. There’s no plan beyond 4-4-2, and no imagination to conceive of anything else.

    The truth is that United this season would be no better or worse off under Howard Wilkinson.

  6. What ridiculous arguments!
    1. For the last few years, Fergie had been snapping up good young players and developing the club’s academy players. Its just that, aside from Janujaz, Moyes loan them all out. Zaha, Lingard, Will Keane, Michael Keane, Powell, just to name a few. He also added De Gea, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Kagawa, Hernandez, RVP and Cleverly to the first team. He was most likely doing this preparing to leave a strong a squad to his successor. The one mistake Fergie made was letting Pogba leave. This is by no means a weak squad he left behind. Its brimming with old experiences pros, and bright young talent.

    2. You argued, “There is no quick fix in football, and getting rid of Moyes would undo any work that the Scot has done there, setting the club back even further”
    May I know what ‘work’ Moyes has done so far tha’ts so progressive that getting rid of him will set the club back even further?
    No quick fix in football…kinda true strictly speaking. But how come Hiddink and Di Matteo did so well for Chelsea despite parachuting in mid-season?
    Read the following article on Hiddink’s 109day reign at chelsea – I copied and paste it here for you…
    “Guus Hiddink finished his 109-day stint as Chelsea boss as the darling of west London, with an inscribed Rolex Daytona watch and an FA Cup winners’ medal to boot.
    Under the Dutchman, Chelsea regained the assurance they lacked under Luiz Felipe Scolari, the talk of zonal marking systems became a thing of the past and players like Didier Drogba and Florent Malouda found their goal-scoring touch again.
    The Blues lost just one of Hiddink’s 22 games in charge (discounting the FA Cup victory over Watford, which the 62-year-old watched from the stands), came within two minutes of the Champions League final, won their first trophy for two years and comfortably achieved third place in the Barclays Premier League.
    Sportsmail looks back on a brief encounter that turned Chelsea’s stalling season into a relative success.”

    3. There are always alternatives. Di Matteo was promoted and won the Champions League. Tim Sherwood is not doing any worse than AVB and has given Spurs a ‘new’ potent striker in Adebayor.
    United can turn to Giggs or Gary Neville. Ferguson can come back for the rest of the season to stabilize the club. Any of the following names should be available and can do a better job than what Moyes had done….Mark Hughes, Steve Bruce, Bryan Robson, Roy Keane, Glenn Hoddle, Harry Redknapp.

    4. Moyes succeeded Fergie. He didn’t start a new club so, of course, he inherited a squad. His job is to work with the squad and improve it, not dismantle it. He is supposed to work though the transition smoothly and slowly evolve the team without the club suffering too big a drop in results. Thats the standard he has to attain and so far, he has shown that he is unable to do so and is showing that he is not up to the job.
    For example, when new CEO takes charge of a company, do you think we expect the company to lose money and perform poorly for a couple of years while he overhauls the whole management team and hire his own people?

    5. Your final line ‘And finally, there is nobody out there who could do a better job than Moyes at Old Trafford.’….
    Huh??? Hello??

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1190233/Guus-Hiddinks-reign-Chelsea-boss.html#ixzz2wQYkjyRH
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  7. Im a liverpool fan just to point out but Im giving a purely analytical approach to this topic.

    Moyes took a title winning side, spent SEVENTY million on it on just two transfers and looks like finishing in seventh. That is unnacceptable in anyones eyes despite fergie leaving an apparently weak team that finished 11 points clear.

    Kenny was sacked for wasting 100 million and finishing seventh despite taking over a poor squad and getting to two cup finals. Moyes has no excuse.

    Where Moyes is going wrong is playing his key members out of position. Mata is a number 10 for crying out loud not a winger!!

    Moyes reminds me very much of Roy Hodgson, Both are world class managers at organising average teams to punch above their weight due to the fact that they are very organised and players understand their roles and dont venture outside of them, hence making them notoriously difficult to break down. Yet neither manager understands what to do with world class dyanmic players that operate on a different creative level like rooney, mata and van persie.

    You look at hodgson and moyes’ teams and they are very static and organised, not fluid like Fergies or Rodgers teams.

    At the end of the day any front line boasting Rooney, Van Persie, Mata, Januzaj should be doing some serious damage regardless of who is playing behind them.

    Moyes tactics are letting him down badly. Looking at this from a purely logical viewpoint, do you stick or twist? bearing in mind that with UTD debt levels and being out of champions league football the war chest that Moyes will be given say 100-150 million could well be a one off that cannot be repeated. If he wastes that war chest just like Kenny did and totenham have just done, it could set you back years. With Vidic, giggs, ferdinand andone or two other players coming to the end of their careers and very little sell on value due to the aging squad its a big decision to be made.

    Id be interested to see what some of you think? UTD are a huge huge club and will never go away but they could spend a few years rebuilding and will need to rely on their academy producing world class talent to supplement spending. One things for sure regardless of what happens – liverpool have gone 20 years without winning thee league, are still a big club so you have nothing to fear short term!!!!

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