Which teams are most likely to win the Premier League?

Another thrilling season of Premier League is in full swing, and the first few games have provided great excitement, action, and controversy.

We have teams like Manchester City and Liverpool, showing a significant commitment that has been a trend from the previous seasons. Also, clubs like Chelsea have moved from down to top of the list; we have also seen several VAR goals overturning.

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Manchester City will be trying to maintain their position and win for the third time, while Liverpool seems to be the only team that could stop them. How will the rest of the organisations like Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Tottenham affect the big team’s performance?

It’s time to look forward and make the best predictions on who will finish the top four and qualify for the Champions League? Who will be relegated? And most importantly, who will win?

Manchester City

Can anyone beat Manchester City? The team won in the last league, although they finished a point just ahead of Liverpool.

They are the two times reigning champions who set the records for most (100) and second-most (98) points scored in campaigns over the last two seasons. It is the only team that has taken the cup in consecutive seasons.

Still, the team, under the management of Pep Guardiola, can make this happen, owing to his previous success where he made Barcelona and Bayern Munich lead to three consecutive titles.

This season, City kicked off well and added some strength by signing Rodri, and they had an opening win with over West ham before being held a draw with Tottenham on the second game.

The team has plenty of strength, well-planned strategies and excellent know-how of the game, with the great management and the superb teamwork; it could make it in the Premier League and also claim the more exclusive prize, the UEFA Champion League.


Liverpool started the season brilliantly and, and they still stand a chance of winning the league.

They came so close to winning last time, which has made them hungrier and determined to secure a tittle, besides they seem to have identified City’s weakness.

It is an increased and very noticeable focus from the team, though they have not genuinely relaxed in the last two years. The team’s primary focus is to emerge victors in the league, and it seems to be the only club that has what it takes to overcome Manchester City.

Many people believe that the team has a great chance to finish first this season, while others think that there is still a possibility it will attain the second position.

It is comprehensible that there is stiff competition between the two teams, not ruling out that Liverpool aiming at beating City, but the general forecast is that they might emerge second.

Leicester City

It was one of the most exciting teams in the last season, after a tough start, but later flourished towards the end of the season.

There were severe doubts about the team this season, too, as the team relies on a very conservative playing style.

However, the energy as they started the season will have the team’s fans dreaming of the impossible once again. They have scored more goals, have more processions, and have conceded fewer than they did in the previous season. The team is better equipped now, having won most of their premier league games, and sits second in the last EPL table, 7 points from Liverpool.

The club is soaring higher, and no one will doubt their ability to fight for the Champion League places; they could do better and be genuine contenders for the title.

The team is an entirely different beast for this season, which has really focused on ball retention and is methodically build- up to play.

Leicester have shown exceptional qualities to match up with any team across the pitch, their results are very impressing, and the fun’s expectations are higher than before.

This season seems to be very interesting for Leicester fans, and the team could probably get to the top four.

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The team had a poor start for the league, gaining just a single point in the initial two games.

They have no new signings to look up to, thus lack the potency to finish at the peak of the list; they will mostly be joining Arsenal and Manchester United to fight for the fourth position.

The team is in the middle of two widow transfer ban, thus the manager will be forced to depend on the youngsters to make moves.

This youthful setup with new strength and less experience for a Premier League will set Chelsea up well for the future though it is unlikely to do them any good for this season.

However, the team still has a chance to make it to the top four if they extend their winning run.


It hasn’t won a premier league in the last 16 years, and this season definitely will not be any different.

They have signed in new professional players like Nicolas Pepe and David Luiz, but there are still too many changes needed in the team, especially in the defense.

Arsenal has strengthened a few areas that needed fixing, and despise the several defense lapses; it still finished right behind Tottenham.

If the team tightens their belts, improves the defence a little bit, and stave off any inexplicable collapses, they could return to the Champion League next season.

Manchester United

The team was a total mess the last season; it has not attained any success in the previous years, and was at sixth position in the last league.

The team has tried to improve their strongholds by signing in Daniel James, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, and Harry Maguire.

It risks losing great players like Paul Pogba. With the new forces and if Solskjær proves to be a great manager, the red devils can strive back, though having a very minimal chance to get to the top four.

Despite the poor start, Manchester United fans believe it’s not too late to turn around; they are not looking up for first position, but fourth isn’t that far off, and there is still time to get up there, but they must continue picking up points.

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Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham have achieved just one win in their 13 most recent away games in the premier league, in their previous six games in all competition, the team has been undefeated five times.

The team was 27 points away from Manchester City in the previous season and they have ushered in very strong signings to try and secure a better position.

There is a minimum chance of the team to make it through the first or second place, it is not in the City and Liverpool level, but is best situated in the remaining teams.

There is enough talent at the team’s disposal to challenge for major honors, and forgetting about the last season’s results after they struggled with injuries and fatigue, the chance of getting to top four is, however, minimal.

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It’s still untimely to determine how the premier league will proceed, which teams will go up the list and which ones will go down.

However, previous results, opinion, and expertise have it that Manchester City and Liverpool will be very close to winning the title while Leicester, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Manchester United will be competing to be among the top four by the end of the season.

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