We’re going on holiday!

After another hectic year of football writing and blogging, the BackPageFootball team wil be taking a bit of a break of the Christmas and New Year period.

Since kicking off BackPageFootball in 2009, we haven’t really had a period of time to sit back and not edit articles, respond to emails and worry about where the next lot of money for hosting is coming from.

What started as a bit of fun and a hobby has now grown into a website which has featured the work of hundreds of talented writers, young and old, and almost 3000 articles in total.

Given the upkeep of the site is done in our spare time and without monetary reward, there’s a LOT of work involved.

Consequently, with Kevin pondering his next career moves as well as a change of location and Neil taking a six week European holiday, we’ll be pretty much shutting up shop between the middle of December and the end of January.

We’ll still be running stories and responding to emails during that time, it’ll just be a lot less frequently than normal so if you submit something to us do it in plenty of time and don’t be too annoyed if you don’t hear from us right away!

The Hold the BackPage podcast will also be taking a break for about three weeks, returning some time in the New Year.

Thanks to everyone for the support over the past year and we look forward to more of it in 2013!

Have a great Christmas and New Year.

The BPF Team

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