Mourinho has made mistakes but he’s still the master

When Liverpool Football Club sacked Brendan Rodgers a man lost his job. The response lacked sympathy and there was a mutual feeling among players that this was a fresh start and they were ready to bust a bollock for Jurgen Klopp.

That, in the real world, would be looked upon as a disgrace. But in football it has become the norm. Whoever the manager is, the players in question should put the same effort in. After all, the costly ticket prices paid by fans each week is what contributes to their considerable wage salaries.


Jose Mourinho, on the other hand, is filling headlines for multiple reasons; the infamous controversy that surrounded Eva Carneiro, the terrible run of form that immediately followed, and the dropping of Chelsea’s best player.

In what has been the most difficult time of the Portuguese’s managerial career, seven minute post-match rants and continuously badmouthing the FA won’t help his cause.

Still though, it’s not an easy task to name a better football manager than Mourinho right now. Of course, he’s having a bad season but considering the amount trophies on his CV – 16 in the last 10 years – he is surely entitled to a dry period or two.

I’ll take your counter argument that Pep Guardiola is potentially superior, but Mourinho won’t be fully appreciated until he hangs up the tactical notepad. Football clubs and supporters are both guilty of being impatient.

The club specific fan channels that have become increasingly popular on YouTube have all introduced fan cam features – a series of recordings took outside football grounds at full time. While few are humorous, many of these videos are seen as a platform for knee-jerk opinions that days – if not hours – later could without question be more balanced or digested.

This, so far, may be considered a supportive piece for Mourinho. It is but I’m not ignoring the fact he hasn’t helped himself or made some crucial mistakes. It’s a results business but losing the dressing room could prove more damaging that anything else. Whether or not that has happened, I don’t know, but the ‘special one’ deserves Roman Abramovich’s benefit of doubt.

For instance, who do Chelsea have in mind to succeed Mourinho if there are plans to sack him this season? The only possible recruitment I can imagine is Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone, formerly of River Plate, who may have an incredibly impressive record at his current club but can he be considered an upgrade on the current Stamford Bridge boss? I’m not sure anyone with the exception of Guardiola can.

And in a nutshell, Mourinho hits the nail on the head:

If they sack me, they sack the best manager Chelsea have ever had.

The last thing Mourinho needs now is the creation of unnecessary issues. During difficult periods like the Chelsea boss is currently experiencing, a degree of dependence and responsibility should be put on his best player.

Eden Hazard may not be in the greatest form of his career but he is one of few Chelsea players to come out and defend his club manager of late. Dropping the Belgian, like Mourinho did in their win over Aston Villa, may not have been the brightest decision.

However long this chapter of Mourinho’s career drags on, the best thing Chelsea and Abramovich can do is ride it out and add some stability to football again.

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2 thoughts on “Mourinho has made mistakes but he’s still the master

  1. Mourhino like, any man is human is not perfect. His problem is in not admitting that he is human. He thinks he is God and above all. What makes him the best – chance winning of two Champion League trophies and stints with Chelsea and Real Madrid. His pride and arrogance is his achilles’s heel. No matter how good you are you must learn to respect other humans around you even if they are less successful than you, your colleauges and other people around you. Pride they say, comes before destruction. and a hauthy spirit before a fall.He is not a god. He is human. And I hope he has learnt his lessons well. No matter how good you are somebody will be better than you. If not today, sometimes in the future.

  2. Chelsea have more or less nailed Mourinho onto their back. They’re stuck with him since so few (no) elite managers are available and his severance package costs the same as a good player. With all the talk of a legacy and bringing through young players, they’ve also made it so that firing Mourinho would be impolitic.

    If Chelsea hadn’t been so eager to show that they were turning a new leaf after years of instability as far as the manager is concerned, they would have been able to fire Mourinho for the egregious job he’s done this season.

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