The top five overrated players in the Premier League

The Barclays Premier League is home to some of the biggest, brightest and most promising young stars in world football.

From Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero, the top flight of English football provides global audiences with a dazzling, albeit expensively assembled, spectacle that boasts some of the game’s most sought-after footballing talents.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily the case for every player in the Premier League. There are those that are just starting out, like Liverpool’s 19-year-old Jordan Ibe; there are those who were once considered among the world’s elite but are now entering the dreaded ‘twilight’ years, like Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard; those who were tipped for greatness but never truly hit such lofty expectations, like Nicklas Bendtner.

There are those that you can’t help but wonder how on earth they are playing professionally, like John O’Shea; and then, finally, there are those that deluded fans believe to be worthy of the Ballon d’Or but, realistically, they are light-years away from winning FIFA’s most prestigious individual accolade.

1. Eden Hazard

Chelsea fans, look away now; Eden Hazard is, without a doubt, one of the most overrated players currently playing in the Premier League. Now, before anyone assumes I am suggesting Hazard is not talented, let me make this perfectly clear – I am not.

I will admit, Hazard is a fantastic player; he’s quick, agile, strong on the ball, has a great first touch, can pick out a pass, plays with both feet and scores goals.

He is the very definition of a defender’s nightmare and, in truth, a player that any of the world’s best sides would want in their team. There is no doubt that the Belgian has bags of talent, but his goals tally and assists are certainly a cause for concern.


Since arriving at Chelsea in 2012, Hazard has averaged one goal every four games. That is not a bad record, particularly for a midfielder. But when you compare this statistic with Cristiano Ronaldo – who made 292 appearances for Manchester United in the Premier League between 2003 and 2009, averaging a goal every 2.4 games – Hazard’s efforts on goal are dwarfed somewhat.

Both players operate in a similar position and their styles of play have often been compared. The difference, however, is that by 22, Ronaldo had received both Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year nominations while Hazard is yet to draw such acclaim.

Perhaps it is wrong to compare the two players in such fashion. After all, even Hazard himself has referred to Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as “extra-terrestrials”. Blues boss Jose Mourinho believes Hazard can, one day, become the world’s best player and I do too, in fact. But to any fan that thinks Hazard can already be considered as such, well, you’re wrong.

2. Jack Wilshere

Having assumed the coveted Number 10 shirt following Robin Van Persie’s move to Old Trafford in 2012, Jack Wilshere was all-too-quickly branded as Arsenal’s latest midfield prodigy.

Following an incredibly successful loan spell with Premier League side Bolton Wanderers back in 2010, Wilshere returned to the Emirates and established himself within the heart of the Gunners midfield, enjoying great success.

He had earned his first England call-up ahead of the 2010-11 season – becoming the Three Lions’ 10th youngest ever player in the process – and, despite his young age and relative inexperience, was praised by both fans and pundits for his composure on the ball, physical strength and partnership with Alex Song.


But has the 23-year-old ever truly lived up the hype that continues to surround him? Has he ever replicated the explosive, combative form he exhibited when he first burst onto the scene? Has he justified former England manager Fabio Capello’s description of him as “the future”? I would have to say no, he has not.

In much the same vein as the Hazard argument above, referring to Wilshere as ‘overrated’ does not imply he doesn’t have the talent, or the potential, to be a fantastic player. Wilshere is a far cry from the Premier League’s best midfielder, in fact, he isn’t even Arsenal’s best midfielder but that’s not to say he won’t be one day.

Injuries have certainly played a part in what has been a turbulent few years for the youngster, but a poor goal return of just five goals in 94 club appearances – which the midfielder himself admitted last year in The Daily Mail was “embarrassing” – hardly lives up to the stature of a player Steven Gerrard once claimed could “become one of the best in the world”.

3. Adnan Januzaj

Manchester United and Belgium winger Adnan Januzaj is often touted as a ‘special’ talent, one for the future. He performed magnificently throughout his debut season under the guidance of former Reds manager David Moyes – who hailed Januzaj as “one of the best young talents in Europe” – and many have tipped the 20-year old to go on and enjoy a successful career. But, let’s be honest, is he really worth the hype?

His standout performances for United last season drew attention from a host of Europe’s biggest clubs, and Paris Saint-Germain were believed to have bid around £40 million to acquire his services during the summer (which was promptly rejected).

Hang on a minute…United rejected £40 million for a youngster who only played on average for 61 minutes in 27 league appearances last season, found the back of the net on just four occasions and made only four assists? That’s right.


It is true you can find any statistic to back something up. But with regards to Januzaj and his lacklustre performances in a United shirt this season, you would be hard pushed to find anything that suggests he is worthy of a place in the first XI.

In five appearances, he has averaged just ten passes per game: a disappointing statistic for any winger. He has recorded eight attempts on goal but boasts an awful shooting accuracy of just 17%. He has completed merely 56% of all attempted dribbles, with the remaining 44% thwarted by the opposition, and he has created just one chance.

Janzuzaj played so well during last season because United, quite frankly, were so poor. The summer signings of Angel Di Maria, Ander Herrera, Radamel Falcao and the emergence of fellow Belgium midfielder Marouane Fellaini within the United squad has limited Januzaj’s chances.

I am not saying he won’t become a great player in the future, but his off-the-boil performances this season have certainly been, at best, questionable.

4. Tim Howard

Finally, a player that is neither a midfielder nor a winger makes the list. Tim Howard, Everton’s bearded shot-stopper, is vastly overrated and his performances this season have paled in comparison to his efforts with the USA national side during the 2014 Brazil World Cup. It’s as simple as that.

On 1st July, during last summer’s World Cup, USA entertained Belgium in what turned out to be a thrilling encounter. Despite a number (16 to be precise) of clear-cut chances on goal throughout the 90 minutes of play, Belgium struggled to beat USA’s a Tim Howard who was proving a brick wall in goal.

The Americans may well have tasted defeat on that humid evening in Salvador, but Howard’s incredible display between the sticks earned him the title of the new ‘USA Secretary of Defense’.


Fast forward seven months, however, and Howard has now retired from international duty and has suffered from a mixture of form concerns and injury issues that have cost him his starting place in the Everton squad.

Last weekend’s 2-2 draw against strugglers Leicester City marked another setback for the American, recalled following a calf injury, who was at fault for both of the Foxes goals.

According to the EA Sports Player Performance Index, Howard is 19th among the Premier League’s top goalkeepers and is some distance behind his closest rivals.

I like Tim Howard, I love his beard and he is – was – a good goalkeeper but he will never be – and nor has he ever been – a great goalkeeper.

5. Vincent Kompany

Before I begin this point, let me make something perfectly clear: Vincent Kompany is an outstanding player. His commanding, vocal presence at the core of Manchester City’s defence has proved hugely significant in recent years and, since signing for the club in 2008, the Belgian has emerged as one of the world’s most prolific defenders.

But there are inconsistencies – errors, if you will – in his game that ought to be addressed if he is truly become the world’s best.

A tendency to commit to challenges high-up the pitch, for example, exposing his team-mates to counter-attacks in the process, has been noted (see Suarez’s second goal during the opening leg of the last 16 Champions League tie between Manchester City and Barcelona) while a failure to strike up a successful partnership with another centre-back since the title-winning season of 2012 – when Kompany was paired with Joleon Lescott – is of concern.


The Belgian powerhouse, admittedly, has suffered from various injuries throughout the 2014-15 season that have limited his first-team appearances and – as is expected – effected his form.

As we begin to enter what managers so often call the ‘business’ end of the season, the question must be asked: will Kompany continue in this inconsistent form, a far-cry from the faultless, world class individual he was two years ago, or will he regain the aura that once made him so good?

For his sake, I hope it’s the latter.

Do you agree with what has been said here? Or do you disagree? Have your say in the comments section below.

The Author

Alex Wood

Student and aspiring sports journalist. Manchester United fan (so expect a degree of bias).

61 thoughts on “The top five overrated players in the Premier League

  1. Alex, good article, though I think Kompany has the ability to get back on form and consistent, maybe not with City though. Adnan has been terrible this season, but he will come good, maybe with a different club.

  2. alex, your article is spot on and i agree with you on first four players you mentioned, but for vincent kompany i think he was a great defender before injury hampered his progress which i believe with time he will get back to his best form

  3. Good article – but including Hazard in there? come on – ur comparing apples to oranges. No reason to compare him to the likes of Ronaldo – anyone you compare to Ronaldo or Messi will seem they are underperforming. Other than that you are right on with the list of players u listed – they have in fact been disappointing. Lets write and article about over rated la liga players – Bale can be #1 on your list.

  4. Alex,

    I beg to differ with your inferences especially on Hazard????? If this guy had been in the Sir Alex’s Manchester Utd, Brcelona or Real Madrid he could have scaled similar heights to what Ronals and Messi achieved??? Don’t hate the player but the team he plays for. About the other four players you are right on the money but plesse take note that there are three Belginas, one American and one Englishman on your list – that proves the foreign players are the ones on the spotlight here? Where are the local players? Nowhere to be found because there is no local talent in the BPL??????

  5. And now I know some people are real haters. Hazard and Kompany? Dude, what do you smoke? Like… seriously

  6. You have certainly gained no respect from true soccer lovers. To include Hazard, Howard, and Kompany is this list of five shows that you have no concept of players with a real talent. I suggest you stay behind the desk honing your common sense and writing. Learn something about what you write.

  7. So all you have really done is prove you know absolutely nothing about spotting talent. That and you went out of your way to express your dislike for Americans and any fool can tell that is exactly what you have done because know one “rates” Tim Howard that high anymore. For him to be on this list for any reason other than he is American, he would need someone rating him highly

    That and you are clueless about Eden Hazard as well. He is one of the best players in the world, in fact he is probably number three just behind CR and Messi. He has never been nominated for the big awards for one reason and one reason only – he plays for Chelsea. If he played at Man UTD, Bayern, Real, Barca, Inter, ect he would have already been nominated and finished at least third, maybe even second.

    The only thing you wrote that even resembles reality is about Wilshire – he actually is overrated but what do you expect he plays for England. Of course he is going to be overrated in England

  8. Only person that doesn’t belong on this list is Eden Hazard. Even if you are NOT a Chelski or Moaninho
    (Mourinho) fan Hazard is the real deal. He runs rings around defenders and zig zags past them at will.
    If you don’t think so, then obviously you haven’t watched him play of late on the Barclay’s Premier League.

    1. I totally agree with you. Harzard is overratted. Case in point, Ronaldinho was best footballer to have ever played in europe… but no one remembers that. Why? He was more of a dribbler than a goalscorer… Just imagine if he was able to be both… He would now be a template footballer of how the game is supposed to be played… Messi and Christiano will be knowhere close if he(Ronaldinho) had achived that…Back to Harzard.. For him to be an exellent footballer… he should start finding the net more often than usual… He has loads of talent but in todays game you only make a mark in history when you score goals for fun.. He has the advatage of being a dribbler… even Pele was a dribbler… I hope you get my point…

  9. Ronaldo is best at scoring, hazard is best at dribbling, passing,etc, Mesi is the best player in the world currently…, hazard can pass through 4-5-6…….players but ronaldo can not pass even one…but he is bets at scoring i know, chelsea is defensive……your assessment is poor at all, thus you are the first overrated guy too

  10. Not only that Hazard has been on point from day one but he is more of a team player than your so call CR. If Hazard should always stand wait for the ball to come to him like CR he will conserve enough energy and score more than CR but he gets involve fully, win balls, make things happen for his strikers. Hazard is the best player in EPL and no disrespect to CR he is good but not much of a team player like Benzima.

  11. As a City fan i think never getting Kompany a proper side kick is finally coming back to bite us in the ass. Kompany has done so much on his own that now the wear and tear is starting to catch up with him. He is overcompensation and make rash last ditch moves because of the lack of a proper line mate and not trusting his line mate now him and Joe Hart are getting all the flak

  12. I assume you did play the game because your analysis shows complete ignorance . Eden Hazard is probably the most accomplished player in the Premiership it’s not only about scoring goals or even assists but how he is able to completely put the opposing defense at a standstill when attacking allowing his other teammates the freedom and opportunity to put the ball in the back of the net. As far as Wilshire is concerned he has been injured for most of the season .

  13. wait a minute are you hating on the Belgians? 3 out of 5 players above are from Belgium. Januzaj is still so young and could live up to expectations

  14. I agree with your article on players that are over-rated. I cannot add or subtract from your points but I would request you do so on players that are under-rated. Flip the coin in other words and give those guys the adulation they deserve in the beautiful game…

  15. More than anything, it’s a rant. I won’t be surprised if you’re a Liverpool fan. Alright. First of all, Hazard on the list isn’t really acceptable when he’s by far the best performer in the league. Secondly Howard. Wow that took guts.. Im a chelsea fan and even I admit that Howard would’ve made it at Chelsea if not for the simply exceptional Čech.
    The top 5 you missed in your top 5 are:
    1.Di Maria
    5.Callum Chambers
    If a 32m guy doesn’t fulfil your expectations, try the British record signing who actually has a free forward role akin to the pair you mentioned. He’s probably the Torres of United.
    Lukaku was the record signing for a cash strapped club and has really performed dismally. Bad luck or injuries might have a say but 28 mil usually means a lot more.
    Vertonghen is by far the only player at spurs who could decently defend until dier came in and even he never almost has his man, nor his zone. The way a forward pulls him apart from the shape of defence is baffling but luckily some decent 1v1 skill makes him look dramatic saviour instead of plain dumb.
    Falcao. 12 mil loan. 300k wages. Not even half a dozen goals. Don’t defend him for your own embarassment’s sake.
    Chambers is decent. Clyne is great. Both are 22. Chambers plays for England, Clyne doesn’t. Big Club might do that or 16 mil fee or just ignorance from the national manager with a skewed idea of winning. All in all Chambers is the definition of overrated.

  16. I have never read such a biased and clueless article before. That the leagues best player and one of the best players in the world (Hazard) is included in that list shows your total ignorance about football.I am an Arsenal fan but I think Hazard is in a class of his own. Ronaldo can go past a player, there is no beauty and aesthetics in Ronaldo’s game, therefore the comparison is wrong. Hazard is simply class and will win the Balloon d’or one day. That you left out players like Dimaria, Lukaku, Mata, Beckley, Harry Kane and Falcao shows that you have a limited or no understanding of the game.

  17. Completely agree with Amin and Blackout (above). Three Belgians on the list? This guy (Wood) probably won’t touch a Belgian Waffle unless the syrup spelled out Ronaldo’s name. In fact, your pictures include a worse Belgian than the three mentioned: Fellaini. He is truly awful. Wilshire has been injured forever, Howard plays for Everton (Everton!), Kompany is in a rut… you clearly need to put more thought into your rankings. Just my $0.02.

  18. Alex,
    This is the best fact-based opinion on overrated Premier League players I’ve read lately. I hear your points even if I don’t have to agree on everything. But in fact, there is nothing to agree or disagree with, because you lay out your basis clearly. People are pointing out you are hating on Belgium, that’s unfortunate, you just needed more space… (to include Benteke ;). As for Howard, I think Everton’s defense set a high standard last season, and they (including Howard, who also set a high standard at the World Cup) cannot match the hype. People seem to have an issue with Hazard on this list. Clearly, they have not read the article. What you are saying is: Hazard is good, but not yet in the echelon tier of Ronaldo and Messi. We could make a case for Hazard to be in top 3 of EPL (with Aguero and Sanchez), but hardly in top 5 of the world: CR7, Messi, Iniesta, Robben, Suarez, Neuer, Zlatan, Jonjo Shelvey … I’m getting carried away.

  19. The writer of this article is not seriously by adding Hazard to the list. Hazard, by far is the best player in the EPL and could only be compared to Messi at present. Maybe, the writer is just flying a kite or biased.

  20. The author’s perspective seems clear to me. But over rated seems a harsh characterization.I would rather describe them as currently underperforming.Most players coming back from injury tend to underperform. The ability/inability of the manager to critically assess each player’s contribution to the team’s success or failure is however primarily the main reason players continuously underperform.The second is the courage of the manager to substitute an underperforming crowd or owner’s favorite player. .

  21. I thank the writer of this article. He did well by mastering the courage to write and mention player’s names. He has done well but his post on Hazard is too poor for me. Hazard’s problem is that his coach is using him all the time. He is a human being, he is overworking himself and not only him many players are being overused while others are bench warmers. Hazard is a great player that can not be ignored in the list of world class players.

  22. My own 2 cents. This is a poorly conceived article without a solid base. In my opinion, the writer is basing his comments on form. Remember the saying, “form is temporary, class is permanent”. I think the writer is unfairly picking on class players who have lost form. These players’ form would undoubtedly improve. When that happens, don’t be surprised to see an article from the same writer with the subject “Top 5 Players in the Premier League” with these same players on the list.

  23. Jack Wilshere is never overratted. He is a talent and he is doing his job very well. None of this players you mentioned even messi/ronaldo can stay almost 2 years injured and come out fly immediately. Jack Wilshere got the talent and he is doing the job wella. His setback is injury problem not that he is overrated. Jack Willpower remain the best when he is free from injury

  24. To include Hazard in this list is bizarre, a pointer to the writer’s embarrassing ignorance about anything football.

  25. Please Please…NOT HAZARD. if you want us to understand you, sit down and watch the game. HAZARD IS THE BEST

  26. Hazard is not the best. Watch his way of waving his hands to cover ball, such like players are not taken in to account as better one. Wilshere too doesn’t show maturity in playing the role of mid fielder as well as to score goals. Kompany is one who uses power without skill of playing. Please look for others.

  27. …the most over rated player of all time is Wayne Rooney and John Terry. But you wont mention it cos the English always hipe their own.

  28. The entire EPL is overrated and hyper hyped. Their struggles against top leagues like La Liga and BundesLiga place them where they rightly belong- 3rd place!

  29. I was looking for someone to mention it, but since I didn’t see it, I’ll say it. It’s clear that the majority of comments here are on my side, stating that your list is rather ridiculous. The one thing I really want to call out, in regards to ACTUALLY WATCHING GAMES, is that Howard was not at fault for both Leicester goals over the weekend. The first one, yes, he should have wrapped it up. The second took a direction change and bounced over him. He was well positioned and would have stopped it, yet the ball going through the defender’s legs and bouncing up over him certainly doesn’t make it his fault. Come on. Watch a game.

    (And Hazard being overrated? Give me a break. The dude is fantastic.)

  30. This writer is the most dump person i have read lately. This is an outburst of a complete ignorant in the knowledge industry. Hazard won every award in France before coming to EPL. And you confirmed that he scores a goal in every four matches.
    This same guy you have included in your list is the guy who has received the most foul in both EPL and Europe. In the match against PSG he received 9 fouls and yet he is not being protected by referees because he plays for Chelsea and is not English.
    This has never happened to Messi or Ronaldo even though i won’t ever compare them. Thank God this guy has not received injury that will end his career. You article is biased and is only good for the bin.
    I thought writers are to educate but to educate you need to get education too.
    Now tell me how many keepers are as good as Howard in the world. If he is not the best am sure he will be among the best 3 in the world. Next time you are writing sit down and do a proper research.

    Stop hating

  31. This is just for the records on Hazards

    He won the National Union of Professional Footballers (UNFP) Young Player of the Year award becoming the first non-French player to win the award.[16] In the 2009–10 season, Hazard captured the award again becoming the first player to win the award twice.[17] He was also named to the league’s Team of the Year.
    In the 2010–11 season, he was a part of the Lille team that won the league and cup double and, as a result of his performances, was named the UNFP Ligue 1 Player of the Year becoming the youngest player to win the award.[18] Hazard was also given the Bravo Award by Italian magazine Guerin Sportivo for his performances during the 2010–11
    He has since earned over 50 cap

  32. I would agree with this list, but I find it difficult to do. Hazard is amazing, and probably the best in his position within the BPL (mind you, I’m not a Chelsea fan at all). To try to compare him to Ronaldo is not fair. Ronaldo is a striker that plays a left wing, let’s face it. They have two very different styles of play.

    Similar can be said about Kompany. He has not been the same this year, but does he have a contender within the BPL that could be a better defender. Probably not. Again, I’m not a fan of City, but I respect the man as a good defender.

    The other three should not be on this list, mostly due to the people that are even more severely overrated than them.

    My list:
    1. Diego Costa – Honestly the most overrated player in the world to me. I hate Diego Costa, mostly to his poor performance with Spain. Playing on Chelsea, with Hazard and Fabregas dishing passes it’s understandable he scores goals. Yea, a traffic cone sitting in the middle of the box could score with them passing.

    2. Angel Di Maria – United is my favorite team in the BPL, but their acquisitions this last June were not very promising. He started strong for the team, but soon fizzled off and became the same Di Maria we saw at the end of his run at Real. Making bad passes, horrible shooting, and simply playing ridiculous. Then there is three.

    3. Radamel Falcao – He has done nothing. I called this as soon as I found out he was signed. He is a good player, but not for the BPL. Serie A or Ligue 1 is the only good place for him to be.

    4. Joe Hart – Honestly, I like Joe Hart. Quite a bit actually, but I don’t think he is an elite goalkeeper. He has a great defense in front of him. His play is quite erratic and he does make a great deal of stupid mistakes that a keeper should not make.

    5. Romelu Lukaku – It’s hard to say anything about him, he has done nothing to help Everton. They are a good team that is getting outplayed by the worst of teams. Much of this has to do with the lack of attack, Lukaku being at the center of it.

    These players, are (or were) not worth the amount of attention they have received. At least in my opinion.

  33. Pleace add to the list the following players :

    – LUKAKU
    – CHADLI

    The whole Belgium squad quoi, they are so overrated …. Pfff it smells like…rac….

    Be aware because other Belgium Overrated Talent is Coming:

    – ORIGI
    – PRAET


  34. ridiculous to compare hazard to messi or ronaldo. Hazard’s numbers are a complete joke compared to theirs, it shouldn’t be too damn hard to score goals or more likely assists when you play for the best team in the premier league. Especially given the offensive weapons that chelsea has why in the world does hazard only have 5 assists. At this point I think neymar has more potential and is currently better than hazard

  35. Tim howard overrated probably one of the most consistent gk in pl last ten years, try joe hart for overrated fraser Forster should be england no1 hand down typical england managers no balls pick their teams from newspapers

  36. Completely agree, especially about Hazard. The guy’s good, don’t get me wrong. But nowhere near the best in the Prem. He doesn’t have the strength and power of Sanchez, or the finishing technique of Aguero. I don’t even think Hazard’s Chelsea’s best player. He’s not even on the same level as Matic and Terry.

  37. I don’t agree with you on Hazard he’s not even a good player, he’s worse then tons of players in the premier league that play for smaller clubs and don’t get credit. He’s the most overrated player in the world and he got player of the year when Alexis Sanchez got more goals and the same Assists as him, and most of his goals are crap penalties which the keepers should save. It’s just because he plays for a good team that everyone thinks he’s good, if he played for a bottom half side, he wouldn’t even make the reserves.

  38. I think hazard is overrated. he doesn’t add goalscoring to his game and you say he is the best. he scored 19 goals this season ten of which were penalties. so without penalties, 9 goals. and 12 assist.(Sanchez had 25 goals, no penalty and 12 assists) being good is not just about dribbling it is about your other contributions. he won pfa best player because he was in the title winning squad and not because he was the Best. and if he was that good ’“best” he should have been nominated at least for ballon d’or.

  39. Well I Have A Few Words To Say, Hazard To Me Is The Best Player Just Behind Messi In The WORLD. FOR U TO SAY HE IS OVERATED is Embarrassing To You Not To Him. May You Leave in Shame!!!!

  40. I completely agree hazard is the most overrated player in the premier league and I’m a chelsea fan. Tim howard I completely agree. Adnan needs to grow up. And vincent kompany is just a rubbish defender. Jack wilshere doesn’t deserve no.10 shirt.

  41. adufuye GOD bless ur mama 4 ur comment d ONLY REASONABLE comment read sanchex should B best epl player nt hazard yes he dribbles SO den wat???? OK if u hav 51 dribbles n DEN nt score A goal wul u win a game sombody mention dt cr7 can nt pass a defender perhaps u shu WATCH cr7 of united who wul throw ten leg over but den if u loose d game of wt use is ur dribbles WAT hapen to cr7 is dt he grew up cos he REALIZES dt dribbles dnt win u game goal does n since den u v seen d DIFRNC he scores for fun dt wat mks u a world best messi dribbles to scores he also create fr his team mate ronaldo has created 59 chances n abt 15 assist wu cares abt dribbles dis days i dnt hate hazard bt if he eva REALI DREAMS abt world best he shu start scoring fr fun dt wat football is all abt GOALLLLLLLSSSSS nd he shu live chelsea if nt he s goin to b 31 witout balon @ i hate chelsea

  42. I dont agree about Howard. He was bad in the league this year, but saying he’s never been a great goalie is just plain wrong. He’s not anymore, but a few years back, he was one of the best shot stoppers in the league.

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