The ultimate guide to Euro 2020 drinking games

Have you drawn North Macedonia in your Euro 2020 workplace sweepstake?

Do you have a 100% record of consistently forgetting to update your Fantasy Football squad after the opening gameweek? Well, with the return of outdoor dining in Ireland since 7 June 2021 and the continuing easing of Covid-19 restrictions nationwide, why not instead try your hand at the odd Euro 2020 drinking game! Every so often when you want to spice up your Euro 2020 schedule, you may incorporate some of these football drinking games:

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Player pints

Before your chosen match begins, fill a hat with 22 pieces of paper, with each respective piece showing the name of one of the game’s starting players. Each participant then selects two pieces of paper at random, until everyone has a player each from both sides. When either of your player’s names are mentioned by the commentary team, you must take a sip of beer. If your player receives a card of any colour, or if they score a goal, you must either take a shot or drink a full beer.

If one of your players is subbed off at any time, his replacement will then become your new player. This game is ideal for encouraging the non-football fanatic members of your family or friend group to get involved with the upcoming summer of football. This game is ideal as there are not a ridiculous number of rules to keep tabs on and therefore your enjoyment of the match should not be sacrificed.

Commentator checklist

Who doesn’t love bingo? So why not create your very own custom Euro 2020 themed bingo cards? Once again, this game may also entice those who struggle to see the beauty in the beautiful game to sit down and engage with this festival of football. Some general commentator remarks to consider adding to your bingo card include:

  • “It’s great to have the fans back”
  • “Minnows”
  • “The Group of Death”
  • Any VAR-related pun
  • Any mention of a pre-2000s European Championship
  • Any mention of the infamous Super League
  • Any mention of ticketless fans watching a match from a unique location (tree, balcony, crane etc.)

Your custom bingo card might also include potential commentator comments relating to whichever games are being shown at a specific time. For example, should the Three Lions be in action, you might keep an ear out for the likes of:

  • “It’s coming home”
  • “The Golden generation”
  • Any mention of Phil Foden’s hair
  • Any mention of Harry Kane’s future
  • Any mention of Kieran Trippier’s free kick versus Croatia
  • Any mention of Harry Maguire’s fitness
  • Any mention of Jadon Sancho and Manchester United in the same sentence

Oh and of course, feel free to take a sip of beer every time that you cross something off of your list.

Shot for shot

This game is painfully self-explanatory. Every time that there’s a shot in the match… yep you guessed it. I bet you wish Ireland qualified now. Having a sip of beer instead of taking a shot every time that there’s a shot in the match is certainly a smarter way to play this game. If you are determined to persist with shots you might try only drinking for shots on target, or only drinking for shots taken by one team. Considering that you probably won’t want to play this game for many matches, it could be worthwhile to choose a match between two nations that you can access native drinks from. For example, Germany’s mouth-watering Group F encounter with world champions France might result in the use of Jägermeister and Cognac. 

Not so Irish-Ireland involvement

Following Ireland’s painful penalty shootout defeat to Slovakia last October, Stephen Kenny’s men will of course be absent from Euro 2020. The Boys in Green will instead be at home reflecting on a positive international camp which saw a 4-1 victory against Andorra, as well as a scoreless draw against Euro 2020 group of death contenders Hungary. Football fans across the nation can take solace in knowing that they have a month of eye-watering international football ahead of them. If at any time throughout the competition you hear or see any of these Irish-related occurrences, feel free to take a drink:

  • Any mention of Ireland’s failure to qualify
  • Any mention of Declan Rice’s three senior Irish appearances 
  • If you see Jack Grealish hit the deck

Let the games begin!

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