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A second week and the Other Back Pages is back; good morning and hello!

It’s Sunday morning and you are probably watching on as Andy Murray battles away in the Australian Open final against Novak Djokovic. He’s probably winning easily/scraping through a tight battle/being played off the court (delete as appropriate) so if and when the tension gets a little too much for you; we’d just like to point out some reading from the last week that you may have missed and should definitely check-out.

The big news story of the last week has been of course Andy Gray and Richard Keys’ comments and behaviour off camera at Sky. Not only did we hear their predictions on Sian Massey’s potential performance as an assistant referee but later in the week, a couple of additional videos showcasing the attitude they cultivated in the studio were leaked onto YouTube. Now, of course; everyone has had something to say about the situation but we’d like to send you the way of Sian Ranscombe’s Being a woman in a blogger’s world. Although not specifically targeted on the situation, it is an interesting read on Sian’s experiences as a football fan.

While Messrs Keys and Gray were doing everything they could to ramp up the footballing stereotype, Clarke Carlisle appeared on Question Time and once again shattered most preconceptions about footballers with a composed performance. Greg Theoharis decided this week to focus his recent Dispatches From a Football Sofa on the Burnely centre-half and we really recommend that you check it out.

And then a chink of light shone through the fug of hot air in the form of the Burnley central defender and chairman of the Professional Footballer’s Association, Clarke Carlisle.

In other news this week, Twitter was in the spotlight thanks to the Guardian website. Promising an exclusive later in the evening, Ian Prior caused the internet to practically collapse on itself with excitement only for their “major story” to turn out to be a baseless rumour about a potential summer bid for a player already linked to about 100 clubs. On this very website, Kevin Coleman did an excellent job of looking Twitter’s power getting slightly out of hand.

Over at gibfootballshow, another new writer was blooded with an excellent piece on conspiracy theories in Polish football. Michal Zachodny of the Polish Football Scout delves into The Obraniak Conspiracy.

Gary Andrews of twofootedtackle wrote an intriguing piece of the potential heroes of British football: The Conservative party. With a need for reform across all areas of football, there are suggestions in the article that the coalition government could be the men to lead football towards a promised land.

Finally, we have to send you across to check the Alex Ferguson Homesick Blues on The Run of Play. It’s some kind of Sir Alex jam… and is totally worth your time.

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