The incredible rise of Aberdeen Football Club

Aberdeen Football Club has risen to a new uncharted territory in the Scottish Premier League this season.

By maintaining a remarkable run of form under manager Derek McInnes and sustaining a commendable challenge to the defending Scottish Premiership champions Celtic and their title, they have surfaced both new and unfamiliar expectancies from their supporters, who truly believe that the long wait for another Scottish league triumph will finally be over in this current campaign.

They are only six points off top spot in second place, and there seems to be little evidence to the contrary that the side from north eastern Scotland cannot sustain this impressive assault towards top spot for the remainder of the season.


Will they win the league? If going by previous title run ins in the past, then it will appear that Celtic, who have won the Scottish Premier League a staggering forty five times in their illustrious footballing career, appear to have the edge.

However, stranger things have transpired in football, and there is nothing to say that Aberdeen will not continue under McInnes to push their illustrious rivals to the limit.

So how have Aberdeen managed to achieve success in the league this season?

Simple. Tremendous teamwork, great scouting ability and an impressive tactical intellect. In their manager Derek McInnes, they have a man who is well documented and acquainted within Scottish football after his previous managerial experience with fellow premier league outfit St Johnstone, and he also understands the Scottish football league off the palm of his hand.

He has managed to build a dynasty at the club that he is looking to continually enhance over time, and he has efficaciously used the clubs finances that were made available to him over the summer period, to buy elegantly in the transfer market to further enhance his squad.

Players such as David Goodwillie and Adam Rooney have added a more goal scoring menace to their attack that they did not possess in previous campaigns. Rooney himself has been a star performer for the dons this season so far; becoming the clubs top goal scorer with thirteen goals to his name at present.

Perhaps by winning the Scottish League Cup last season that ultimately ended their 19-year wait for a trophy did the expectations of the club amongst its supporters inadvertently grow going into the current campaign?

Most would have assumed that sustaining a title challenge would prove to be a difficult task for any club in the division, but it seems that the club are defying expectations, much to the teams credit.

The evidence in the league is also clear to see. The main arch rivals to the title over the course of many seasons, Rangers Football Club, are currently languishing below in the Scottish Championship; the vast majority of supporters have strongly believed that Celtic would walk to yet another Scottish Premier League title this season, but as explained above, football can spring up some interesting scenarios.

Maybe it is time for another club to step up to the playing field and become one of the biggest names in Scottish football yet again.

Aberdeen are no strangers to success in Scottish football themselves. However, without considering the clubs most recent Scottish League trophy triumph in 2014, the club have not won the Scottish premier league title since the 1984-85 season, and have finished runners up thirteen times.

That is not to suggest that they will not push Celtic all the way this season, but in terms of gulf in financial power, then it is clear that Aberdeen will struggle to contest in that aspect.

Derek McInnes has said that he sees a bright future for Aberdeen Football Club, and he believes that his players are constantly aiming to better themselves, and he has suggested to use the disappointment of defeats (which have been rare for the club this season), as a learning curve for future aspirations.

There is a lot to like about our team. We are always looking to improve. I am looking for that improvement and the players are looking for those themselves. Sometimes we to have to experience disappointment to get stronger.


We have a young team with players who are still learning. There are things we can improve on. There are areas we must improve on in order to make the next step.

– McInnes speaking to RedTV

It seems only inevitable that if McInnes and Aberdeen can continue to flourish in the manner that have been producing thus far in this campaign, then the next step will not be too far away for a club that is truly on the rise in their return to becoming a giant within Scottish football.

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