Taking a look at Premier League predictions for 2017/2018

It’s hard to see anyone stopping the juggernaut that is Manchester City this season.

They are already striding away at the top of the league and, even this early in the season they are looking like true champions.

This is the team that has already scored almost forty goals, and surely any team would be nervous about facing the striking onslaught.

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As predictions go, tipping City as champions come 13 May 2018 is not exactly going out on a limb. It’s one of those predictions that is not going to win you a lot of cash if you take advantage of football betting offers, and place a wear on it.

You can probably get better value from top four predictions.

Which teams will finish in the Premier League top four?

You probably cannot look much further than Manchester United as a likely top four finisher. Although they do not have the striking prowess of their city rivals, Mourinho has turned them into a resilient unit.

There is a lot to be admired about their play, although the manager’s attitude does not always go down well with the football loving public; even his own fans.

Of the other teams that are currently hovering around the top four positions, Tottenham and Chelsea arguably look the strongest.

Both Arsenal and Liverpool are leaking too many goals, and are not lethal enough at the other end.

What about the relegation zone?

At the bottom end of the table, Crystal Palace is a team in real trouble. With just one win under their belts so far, it’s hard to see them climbing the table any time soon.

Even with the talent of Wilfried Zaha on display, Palace just cannot get those wins. It goes to show that no team can rely on one man, no matter how good he is.

The biggest name down near the bottom of the table is still Everton. It’s an unsettled time for the Merseyside club, with caretaker manager David Unsworth having had a very shaky start to his time in charge.

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It remains to be seen who will be the next person to take full-time charge at Everton. Whoever it is does not seem to have an easy task ahead of them.

But, in reality, clubs like Swansea City and Bournemouth look like better tips for relegation.

There is still a long way to go in this Premiership season, so there are no certainties right now.

However, there would need to be a big change around in fortunes and form for City not to be crowned champions and Palace not to be relegated.

Depending on what fortunes the new manager brings with them, Everton could be the big story this season, if they slide further down the table.

Although, they are a big side, and a very experienced one, so our money is on them still being around the Premiership next season.

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