Sports advertising – what are the benefits for football?

Football has been a big business for decades now. It has transformed from a simple sport into a multi-billion-dollar industry over the last fifty years or so.

So, it is for this reason that revenue is vital these days for football clubs at all levels. Remaining competitive is essential on the park, and with player costs being so high these days, it’s going to be a top priority to ensure the revenue streams are as healthy as possible.

Advertising is one of the club’s principal methods of earning, but it’s more than just getting the largest payment in, as there are other benefits as well.


The most important aspect is raising enough money. It is why football clubs have dedicated staff for these operations.

If we look at this advert for a Commercial Director for Barnet FC, we can see that bringing in as much revenue from advertising and sponsorship is a significant aspect of the role.

Reaching new audiences

Football clubs and advertisers alike are always looking to reach new audiences and sponsorship arrangements.

For example, if you have a European casino that’s expanding and has just released a Japanese site, then perhaps sponsoring a Japanese side could get them that exposure?

It says something about the ethos of the club

Who sponsors your football team’s shirt can say a lot about the ethos of the club? It could be as simple as showing what type of fan-base the club attracts.

A club with a higher-earning and more middle-class support might find that their team attracts a premium car showroom or manufacturer.

In contrast, a team with a more working-class demographic may attract something like a fast-food outlet. There are some examples of teams allowing charities to be a sponsor, and this shows that the club has a policy of giving back to society through this socially responsible attitude.

Community ties

Football is big business and expensive, and the club can risk making the local fan-base feel disconnected from the traditions and culture of the club they have grown up supporting since it’s become so expensive.

So, it is essential to keep the fans involved and many clubs have an official supporter’s organisation that communicates with the board ensuring that they can be aware of fan opinions on all matters, including sponsorship.


The design of a shirt can make a big deal of difference to sales over the course of a season. There will, of course, be the diehard fans who will buy the new strip no matter what, including the away shirt and third-choice kit.

But there are another bunch of fans who purchase football shirts as fashion items, and a well-designed shirt can be a big seller in this market of general football fans.

How the logo of the sponsor fits in with the overall color scheme and design of the shirt can affect these sales, so should be kept in mind when choosing a sponsor.

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