Overview – The different bet types in Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer (MLS) 2022 is all set to begin on 26th February 2022. Besides the interesting tournaments, it also marks the start of betting and gambling.

MLS bets differ from sportsbook to sportsbook. But like any other soccer bet, it includes the conventional options of moneyline, double chance, in/outs, and more. Here’s are its common types.

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Types of soccer bets

Note that these bet types are more or less common for other football types (other than MLS) like European championship leagues.

Three-way moneyline bet

The three-way moneyline bet is also called a 1X2 bet. The rule for this bet is simple. Pick a team that you think will win, if the ball is in your court, you win! If you think there are possibilities of match draw, place a bet on “no team wins”. For best rewards, make sure you choose a betting site with decent odds. People often make mistakes of not comparing the website odds and end up in loss.

To prevent you from such scenarios, we have curated a detailed guide at https://www.denverpost.com/2021/11/17/best-mls-betting-sites/. It has information about everything concerning MLS betting. The read will guide you through the advantages and criteria to look for when choosing MLS betting. It also walks you through the perks of MLS bettings sites like live betting, promotion, and rewards. Be it betting sites for MLS odds or betting mobile applications, the guide has them all!

Draw no bet

It’s similar to a three-way moneyline but there are no bets on draws. If a match draws you get your money back.

Double chance

Often regarded as a bet with fewer risks, the double chance is where you have to pick your bet. It allows you to choose from two outcomes out of three options. Unfortunately, you may not get sufficient money with double chance bets.

Half time/full time bet

As the name signifies, it’s a bet where you have to predict the match at half time and full time (match end). It combines both match end and half time results in one bet.

While it may seem easy, the bet has its own prediction struggles.

Over/under bets

Over/under bets is where you place the bets on the goal numbers, red cards, yellow cards, free kicks, etc. Sportsbooks decide a particular number (as per category). Based on this, you have to place bets.

Say, If their limit is 2.5 (in the number of goals category), you can place over bets (prediction 3)  or under bets (prediction 1). As these are common scenarios in soccer, over/under bets are played often in leagues.

Goal scorer

Goal Scorer is a bet where you predict which player may score a goal in the game. While it’s common to place bets on famous names, you can try your luck on other players too. The reward after winning the bet is pretty decent.

Handicap/spread betting

Betting sites assign a handicap goal limit for a favourite team. If you place a bet on the team, they have to win and score the handicap limit. If the limit is 2.5 but the team scores 1 goal, you will lose the bet (even if the team wins).

Teams to score

It’s a bet where you can predict if both the teams will score goals (using the ‘Both Teams Will Score’ option). If you think either one or no teams will score, make bets on the same.

Correct score

Correct score is where you have to predict the accurate score of the game. It’s one of the toughest bets to place. But, if you win, you get a good amount.


These were some common betting types to try during major league soccer. Each of them are interesting and offer exceptional rewards. As the league nears, we are hearing several unexpected news. For example, FC Cincinnati’s announcement of sacking former Manchester United defender, Jaap Stam. With such topsy-turvy, which team will you place your bets on?

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