Norway’s rising star Haaland could be moving to England

For football fans, the name Haaland might bring up memories of certainly one of the most memorable fouls to have happened in the Premier League.

In particular, 18 years ago in a game between Manchester United versus Manchester City, Roy Keane injured a ligament when trying to foul Alf-Inge Haaland, which resulted in a ban for Keane and threats of legal action.

Now, almost two decades later, there’s another Haaland in football who rising in popularity.

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Erling Braut Haaland, the son of the Alge-Inge Haaland has become the talk of football enthusiasts and professionals around the world.

The 19-year old player has exhibited a talent through his scoring in Norway’s youth international scene first, and later in the domestic league in Austria and in the Champions League as well.

His most recent feat includes becoming the third-youngest player ever to score a hat trick at the Champions League when Haaland scored three first-half goals for Salzburg in a game against Genk.

The feat puts him behind Real Madrid’s Raul Gonzalez and Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney only.

In total, he has scored 17 goals in nine games for Salzburg counting impressive four hat tricks.

Earlier this year, in May, he achieved another feat when he scored nine goals against Honduras in an Under-20 World Cup game.

This achievement also got him recognition from the senior Norwegian national team which eventually led to his debut in the European Championship qualifiers.

In particular, he has played in matches against Sweden and Malta.

It’s not surprising that many clubs are showing in the new star in the game.

Haaland, who is 1.94 meters tall and moves on the field with unique ease and dexterity, is already a formidable player to face against; his speed and agility are culminated by his ability to score as well.

The youngster is already being mentioned in the same sentence as some of the biggest clubs in Europe, including some of those in England.

Interestingly, Haaland was born in the country as his father was a Premier League player at that time.

Paal Fjelde, who played with Haaland in Bryne commented on his former teammate possibly moving to England.

His heart is close to England so he’d like an opportunity to go to England, maybe even in January.

I’m not putting more pressure on him, but as long as he keeps his attitude and his feet on the ground, he will continue to progress. This is just the start.

If Haaland does decide to join one of Europe’s biggest clubs, Norwegians will have another one of their own to cheer for.

In Norway, where nearly the third of the population entertains themselves with sports betting weekly, there are some avid fans of football who are anxiously waiting to see what the future holds for Haaland.

While it is hard to obtain any formal data on the activity in Norway due to the regulatory environment, the total gambling market in the country is estimated to be over €1.2 billion.

Now, some of that activity and attention might be directed to the bookmakers due to Haaland’s participation in the big leagues.

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Haaland himself has made some comments about playing for Leeds, the city in northern England that also happens to be his birthplace and one of the clubs where his father played as well.

His teammates also say that Haaland has considered Manchester City, the last club where his father played before the knee injury and retirement in 2003 that led to the family’s moving back to Norway.

There are also those who are considering the history of Erling’s father and saying that it will have an effect on the young player’s decision.

In particular, he might not be keen to consider playing for Manchester United.

On the other hand, the appeal of playing for the club might be too much to reject such an offer if it should come.

“He is probably not the world’s biggest Manchester United fan. But if they come to the door, there are not many who say no to that,” said Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, another Norwegian who was also Haaland’s coach at Norwegian team Molde.

Fjelde also spoke of his former teammate’s abilities natural proclivity that showed even at a younger age.

In particular, Fjelde reminisced about Haaland’s senior debut for Bryne in 2016 when he was 15.

He was only bones. However, he managed to impress everyone with his movements and managed to hold his own with some of the more experienced players as well, some of whom were twice his age

Most youngsters don’t do the kind of runs he did when he was 15 or 16.

He also remembered how coaches had to take Haaland out of training because he was growing really fast and they didn’t want him to suffer any injuries.

Bryne is still a special place for Haaland, who often returns there to his parents and plays football with friends as well.

He also keeps in touch with Fjelde, who compares his former teammate to Martin Odegaard, who moved from Norwegian side Stromsgodset to Real Madrid in 2015 at the age of 16.

Unlike Odegaard, Haaland is moving to Salzburg before joining one of the top European teams.

“Maybe the step was too big for Martin at the time. It’s different with Erling, He is very down to earth. He has got his feet on the ground,” Fjelde commented.

Haaland’s next games for Salzburg will be watched with even more attention considering the youngster’s feat during his debut.

The next Champions League match is going to be played against Liverpool on October 2nd at Anfield, the place where Erling’s father scored in 1997 in the Premier League.

It’s expected that the son will be able to achieve the same feat.

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