Messi to Manchester as the Kenny era is finally upon us

The podcast is back for a new season and this week we hail the long awaited arrival of the Stephen Kenny era in Irish football! Unfortunately that doesn’t mean boring old FAI governance chat has been eradicated just yet, but we leave that till last in our chat with journalist Gavin Cooney (@gcooney93) where we discuss Kenny’s first proper week in charge, his blend of young and old in his first squad, Matt Doherty’s transfer to Spurs and why Michael Obafemi’s exclusion isn’t a saga… yet 🤔😂 (from 26:00)

Before all that, Kevin, Cian and Phil get the band back together for the new season and chat about what the hell is going on at Barcelona, Matt Doherty taking the step-ish up to Spurs, and Cian fills us in on the turmoil at Dundalk.

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Contact: editor@backpagefootball / Twitter @bpfootball / Host: Kevin Coleman (@kvn_clmn) with Phil Greene (@iampgreene) and Cian Carroll (@CianByNature).

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