Mario Balotelli to MLS?

Mario Balotelli to MLS?

Although the header is far from factual and it has the remotest chances of actually occurring, one can make a case a loan move to the MLS may actually do young Mario a world of good. Before the “pros” of such a move are discussed, I will say, even as an avid follower of the MLS, the game in the United States is not to the standard of European football. I am under no illusions that the best MLS clubs could consistently perform in Europe.

Mario Balotelli. You either love him or you hate him. There is a mountain of evidence to support each viewpoint. But one may ask them self, “Why does this young man act out and self-destruct?” It would appear he has it all. Young, rich, top notch footballer…..At age 20 he has destroyed relationships, both personal and professional, which may never be repaired yet he always finds a new club to take him in thus repeating this vicious cycle. Is this all Mario’s fault or are others to blame? Surely when Manchester City bought him for what is believed to be a £24 million transfer they knew what they were getting themselves into right? Right?

Maybe not. Balotelli is such a talent managers and club chairmen roll the dice to acquire the forward in hopes of controlling his volatile personality and getting the best football possible out of him. Yet Mario has proved difficult to contain. Why does he continue to ruin his opportunities at the clubs which have graciously opened their arms to him?

While I am no psychiatrist or psychologist I can diagnose what ills Balotelli. There is however a few stories from his personal life which may shed some light into what he is thinking.

Young Life

Balotelli’s birth family gave him up to be fostered as young boy. His medical condition (documented elsewhere) and their lack of resources to provide for a destitute immigrant family drove Balotelli’s birth family to turn to the welfare system in Brescia for help. There he was fostered by an Italian family, the Balotellis. Young Mario had to interpret a real world adult situation as a young child. There were also issues when he was a youngster at school. He was often blamed for misdeeds which were no fault of his own. It seems the seeds of rejection and non-acceptance was present from an early stage of his life.

Turning professional

Not yet even a man of legal age Balotelli made his debut for Inter at age 17. Success soon followed. Goals against Juventus and Reggina in the Coppa Italia caused the adulation and wrath of many. Just as quickly as he rose be began to be cut down by racist abuse hurled from the stands. Here was the idea of rejection again. A young man who had not been given the tools to put it all into prospective created his coping mechanism to deal with the abuse and the pressure of being a professional footballer. Instead of seeking help Mario lashed out at critics and detractors. Cue the vicious cycle. Public fall outs with Mourinho and with the national set-up have left him where he is today, at Manchester City. It is now up to Roberto Mancini to keep Balotelli under control. His current wages are estimated to be at £120,000 a week. If he can’t find a way to stay on the pitch, few clubs would be willing to pay such an amount for a player.

Loan move to the MLS

Outlandish forms of racism are faux pas here in the States. No banana throwing or monkey chants from the stands are socially accepted. Recently, Thierry Henry stated he would never return to play in Europe. No doubt because of his advancing age but because he has found life here in the States to be more socially acceptable than his time in Europe. He can even take the subway in New York without any one recognizing him. Henry has made no secret he had grown tired of the abuse in Europe. Maybe this is what Balotelli needs. A short stint in a country where getting daily parking tickets or breaking up with his girlfriend via text message on live television would not garnish the attention it gets now from European rag media. Without question a move to the MLS would be considered a “step down” but would be a decisive one in Balotelli’s life. The coaching, competition, and the risk of not being called up to international duty are all deterrents but hasn’t Balotelli already caused enough problems that a short loan spell would cause further damage? Is Balotelli a troubled man or is he a petulant child? Coming to country where football is not at the forefront may just be exactly what he needs to get the focus so well needed by the world’s top footballers.

The MLS would never accept such a talented player without knowing he can make a splash in public relations, attendance or revenue. As a league they don’t want to be considered as a “stop-gap” or “stepping stone” for a player’s career. It is a shame really. Mario Balotelli’s well-being may be at stake.

The Author

Armando Diaz

An all around sports nut who went crazy for football as a teenager who followed the '94 World Cup. I like to follow lower league football and lesser known leagues as there is an unbridled joy and atmosphere created by clubs, players, and fans.

9 thoughts on “Mario Balotelli to MLS?

  1. There’s no question he would never come to the United States. The article was simply a hypothetical situation. Someplace where his antics aren’t the fodder of the tabloids.


    1. Thank you Armando!! He will never leave Italy. The Italians in the United States are different than in Italy, just like others. I lived in Puerto Rico and it’s the same thing as Italy. In Puerto Rico the people will give you their last bowl of rice, they are sooo nice and same in Italy. It seems the United States separates and creates rascism, the Aglo dosent want people uniting, it scares them. The Italians in Italy are culturalists but not rascistes, meaning they dont care what race you are, as long as you are pro-Italian, speak the language and live the culture. The Euro-cup final was bogust and Mario knew it was going to be. Notice Mario was’nt stricking, he was staying outside and there was at least everytime they showed him he had 3 to 4 Spanish players around him kicking his legs. Italy is normally a slow starting team, but Mario is stronger in the beginning and is a fast stricker, like with Germany. But he wasn’t doing that and thats what shows his immaturity. He know that Spain was not only strong but the reefs were on Spains side. You know that everyone loves Boson, reefs, and all the other teams, but when they were flipping the coin and shaking hands, only one reef smiled at him and the Portugese reef didnt even look at him. Going on Mario’s youth said dont strike stay where you cant be blamed. If he had played like against Germany, the score would have ended the half 2-1 or even 2 to 2.Mario’s parent left him in Italy because they are not bias. Africans have been coming to Italy from French African countries to escape cruelty and after WW 2 all Italian colonies in Afica, like Eritrea, were allowed free entry to Italy as though they were citizens. In fact in the 70’s a African named Nino LaRocca escaped a French colony to Sicily where they had a decent boxing program and won the European championship. He is now married and is a trainer in Sicily. But for thr most part the Africans in Italy were not main stream, they spoke the language but were living on beaches selling artifacts that were handmade. Italy has more Africans than England but not par capita, cause Italy is bigger. Many blamed Italy for them not being maintream, but they that didnt want to mainstream didnt have to. England forced them to and made them change their names. But you tell me how many Blacks are in the British Parliment, i dont think any. Italy is now accepting 10’s of thousands of Africans and Arabics, but now they are schooling them and will start to change thier names if they want to stay. Italy just built a huge navy with 2 flag ships and 10 Frigets in which the British was protesting about because they are afraid of Italy. They always used the Germans to attack Italy and had the help of the Romans. I believe the Romans are now siding with Italy. Remember that the Romans are a different bloodline than the Italians and still have a boatload of money. Berlusconi came up with the plan but couldnt come up with all the money. When England had a deal with the Romans and saw the Roman were breaking it they started getting afraid and what put the icing on the cake is they built an armared tank division in the North that will stop any thoughts of Germans attacking and they are both pretending to like Italy. Remember that England always have people fight their battles and the Germans will never fight if they dont think they can win. Look up WW. 1 and Field Martial Armando Diaz and how many Italian soldiers were lost to German Mustard Gas and when the Germans saw they wouldnt stop and then Diaz took over,

  2. If you consider the turbulent history this kid has had in European soccer to date and you have some concern for his wellbeing, then Sr. Diaz’s idea isn’t crazy at all. To paraphrase Gang Of Four, the change would do him good.

  3. I see your point and its really good. But like everyone else, I dont see him coming over either. But the point said that I agree to is, YES, the media does affect celebrity a lot in US or Europe but football (soccer) not being a popular sport might for once take the spotlight away from Mario and that does seem like what he needs at present.

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