Man Utd have an odd penalty procedure, but are showing signs of improvement

Manchester United may not know who’s taking their penalties, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side are showing signs of development and a coherent plan after a summer of discontent.

On this week’s Three At The Back podcast, the lads talk about United and Wolves and why their penalty mess hasn’t shone anyone in a good light, except maybe Rui Patricio. Elsewhere, there’s more mind numbing VAR chat after the debacle at Manchester City, and some spurts of green at Sheffield United which Ireland fans can be encouraged about.

In part two, AS’s Robbie Dunne joins to chat about the summer of La Liga, as things kicked-off this past weekend, with Madrid and Bale staying together for another few weeks at least, Coutinho’s soft side and Joao Felix’s potential to outshine everyone.

Ep 3: La Liga chat with Robbie Dunne

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