Making sense of the betting opportunities on the FA Cup

As someone who does occasionally like to bet on football matches, I do often find myself longing for those long-gone days, when the only bets you could place on a football match was a simple win bet!

Being faced with just three possible outcomes of a match, those of course being a home win, a draw or an away win made life so much easier.

However, those days are no more, and now when I wander into a betting shop or bet online I am often tempted to place one of the may other much more unique betting opportunities that are now on offer to me.

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You are bound to have the same experience if you are thinking of placing a bet on this year’s FA Cup Final, and with Manchester United taking on Chelsea, there is no knowing which team is going to come out on top.

In fact, the bookies make Manchester United the ever so slim favourites to win, but there is not much separating them on the betting markets, so it may be a coin toss as to which team you pick!

Unique FA Cup Final betting opportunities

With the outright win odds on both teams being so low, I think you are going to have a much more exciting betting experience, when placing one of the much more unique bet types, and as such read on to discover just what you can place your money on.

Be aware, that I am going to be mentioning the current odds on each of the following unique FA Cup Final betting opportunities, but as they are available on a fixed betting market, the odds will not change no matter what volumes of bets are placed on any of them.

As most betting sites are likely to offer their own unique set of odds I would urge you to shop around and compare the odds available, however those odds listed below are the highest ones I have so far come across on each individual betting opportunity.

As the match gets underway what you will not want to see happen is one of the players hitting the woodwork, however that is exactly what you can bet on happening, and as such the odds on any Manchester United players shot hitting the woodwork are 6/5, and you can get 6/4 on any Chelsea players shot doing the same.

If you think there will be a plethora of goals scored in the final, then one match that will be of interest to you is one on which you will be placing your money on one of the two teams will win by three or more goals, and no matter which team you pick you will be offered odds of 6/4.

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One much more appealing bet I feel if you do think both teams are going to score a fair amount of goals is the both teams to score and four or more goals be scored bet, for the odds you will find on offer on such a bet can be as high as 100/30.

Do you think that one of the players is going to score a goal with a header, or score from outside of the area? If so you will get odds of 13/8 on the former betting opportunities and 2/1 on the latter named one!

The odds available by a goal being scored by a Manchester United player as opposed to a member of any team are much higher at 10/30 and the same bet, but on any Chelsea team player scoring a goal with a header are slightly higher at 7/2

One final set of bets that may or may not interest you, but do offer slightly better odds than all of those so far mentioned up above, include a bet on which you will be paid out at odds of 7/2 in either team is awarded a penalty, that is certainly a bet worth thinking about, for how many times have you seen a penalty awarded this season?

You will also get odds of 9/2 on any player that scores from a penalty, 17/2 on a Manchester United player scoring from a penalty and 9/1 on a Chelsea player scoring from a penalty.

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