Louis van Gaal – A mistake for Tottenham Hotspur

Van Gaal HollandAndre Villas Boas’ time at White Hart Lane was littered with feuds and fights that the former manager did not need to get into. He was embroiled in a player welfare battle when he encouraged goalkeeper Hugo Lloris to stay on the field after taking a brutal knee to the head from Romelu Lukaku.

That was just after he had accused Spurs fans of acting like a magnet towards their own goal with the negative atmosphere they create and then in his last throw of the dice, he got caught up in a war of words with none other than Alan Sugar. His lack of guile when it came to dealing with the media went a long way towards his downfall at “The Lane”.

Tim Sherwood has been a breath of fresh air since taking over and his candid and honest interviewing style has endeared him to many would be critics in the media. What he lacks in tactical know-how, he makes up for with his passion for Tottenham Hotspurs and genuine smiles at press conferences and on the touchline. His time at Tottenham has been a success considering the carnage left behind by Villas Boas (or whoever was in charge of the summer transfer window). He has rejuvenated Emmanuel Adebayor and inserted some of the summer singings into the team while promoting Nabil Bentaleb from the youth ranks all the while keeping Spurs in decent shape in the league and playing the attacking football that the fans cried out for during AVB’s spell.

The very nature of his 18 month contract came as a surprise considering the revolving door nature of Spurs’ head coaching position of late. Spurs latest defeat at the hands of struggling Norwich has made Sherwood’s position very fragile and in light of Louis van Gaal’s recent comments linking himself with the job, it would appear Sherwood’s time in charge will end in the summer.

Netherlands manager, Louis van Gaal, had made it clear that his next career move would see him managing in England. He has managed in Holland, Spain, Germany and will guide his native Netherlands to Rio this summer in an attempt to put years of World Cup hurt behind them and win with the underachieving Dutch national team.

As abrasive as Villas Boas was, that was merely childsplay for Van Gaal who left Barcelona with the famous quote to the press, “Friends of the press. I am leaving. Congratulations”. Few would argue that the Dutch have an arrogant nature when it comes to football, it is actually something they pride themselves on. It started with the likes of Johan Cruyff and has continued on with Louis van Gaal et al. Quotes like: “I am who I am: confident, arrogant, dominant, honest, hard-working and innovative.” and “Louis van Gaal has nothing more to learn” will do nothing for Spurs fans who were last successful under the working man’s Harry Redknapp.

While it may do some of the players in the squad the world of good with an ambitious manager to look up to like the experienced van Gaal, the feeling is that it will all turn very sour before silverware can be attained and while Sherwood probably lacks the tactical side of upper end management, the board at White Hart Lane should look away from Louis van Gaal when they are trying to replace him during the summer.

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Robbie Dunne

A student journalist who drinks too much coffee and takes too much stock in formations. I believe in Johan Cryuff and attacking football.

12 thoughts on “Louis van Gaal – A mistake for Tottenham Hotspur

  1. What a rubbish article….AVBs problems were becuase he was carried by Bale…when he left…well rest is history…Van Gaal is exactly what Spurs need stupido….Sherwood….too dim.

  2. AvB’s problem, to me at least, seems to be that he was initially not backed by the chairman, who failed to replace Modric before the window closed and didn’t bring in a decent striker. Adebayor has admitted that he stood before the squad and said AvB’s plans wouldn’t work, so he was then undermined by a player he froze out, the form of Bale papered over the cracks of an inadequate team.

    Come Summer 2013, everybody knows Bale will be off, but rather than picking players to fit the system, AvB is further undermined by the appointment of Baldini who appears to have bought largely dross players.

    On to van Gaal, anything is better the Sherwood. I wouldn’t mind Curbishley, Dowie or Pardew, none could do as bad a job as he’s doing but getting away with. He hasn’t so much rejuvenated Adebayor as Adebayor has decided he can be bothered to play for a bit. He has promoted Bentaleb who is clearly incapable of performing at the highest level and the ‘attacking football’ is evidently not by design. It is readily apparent that there’s no tactical direction in the team, that our better players look like they’d rather be anywhere else, and this summer there’ll be another exodus and the Spurs process begins once more.

  3. yes rubbish article – he didn’t keep loris on the pitch, loris refused to come off! tend to agree with chriss but not aboput curbishly et al!!

  4. “While it may do some of the players in the squad the world of good with an ambitious manager to look up to like the experienced van Gaal, the feeling is that it will all turn very sour before silverware can be attained”

    Wait, sorry, so Spurs should not appoint van Gaal because they’re not going to win anything and so the players will fall out with the manager when he expects victories?

    And why are you writing “the feeling” as if this is some widespread opinion and not just the witterings of a bored student who hasn’t worked a day on a news desk in his life?

  5. “His time at Tottenham has been a success considering the carnage left behind by Villas Boas”

    Further behind the league leader, further behind fourth spot, out of both domestic cups in one go and lost first game in Europe all season.

    Nobody succeeds like Tim Sherwood and a toothless parrot.

  6. None of us know anything about who chose particular players and what went on round the back of the bicycle sheds and, furthermore, it is intentionally kept that way by none other than D. Levy who will, no doubt, have inserted a confidentiality clause in AVB’s contact and, for sure, in Sherwood’s also. What we DO know is that, breath of fresh air or not, charming smiles or not, Sherwood’s Spurs were absolute shit against Dnipro and Norwich, and didn’t seem to care either. Now, as I recall, that was good enough for a hanging court when AVB was in the job!

  7. It’s like Chris said we go through the same process every year, we fail to get into the top 4 consistantly and our best players want to leave because of it and then we have to rebuild again and again! Levi’s is holding us back with his terrible appointment’s of managers and bringing in a director of football that is clearly useless at assessing whether a player will be good enough to cut it in the premier league, Levi needs to take a back seat when hopefully Van Gaal is appointed and let him bring in his own players to fit his system, Baldini is obviously not the answer and needs to go.

  8. “what he lacks in technical know-how is made up for with his passion for Tottenham Hotspurs and genuine smiles at press conferences and on the touchline”. It is actually Tottenham Hotspur.
    That is really going to cut it on the pitch isn’t it, as could be seen by the displays against Dnipro and Norwich. I think you are drinking a bit more than too much coffee Robbie

  9. Hugo Lloris, Jan, Walker, Kaboul, dembele, Eriksen, Sandro, Lennon, Townsend potentially and Adebayor, when he wants to be bothered. These are the only decent players in Tottenham.
    Regarding Managers shall we look towards Van Gaal, Jurgen Klopp, Conteh of Jurventus, Roberto Martinez and Diego Simeone?
    Please let’s get this together and move forward,

  10. Why would Klopp or Martinez even bat an eyelid toward us? Klopp manages a top club, gets CL football, plays in one of the best stadia in the continent. Martinez is destined for far bigger things than us when he leaves Everton.

    Take your Spurs hat off for a minute and ask yourself ‘What is the lure of Tottenham?’ As a fan, there are plenty, when you remove the blinkers, there are few. TIny stadium, quiet crowd, average players, feeder for the truly big clubs, but worst of all, a meddling chairman. As a fan, I’d love a big name coach, but I’m realistic and I just don’t see anybody ambitious or established looking at us as anything more than a stepping stone or a potential reputation ruiner.

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