Liverpool’s Premier League hoodoo

Few can doubt that Liverpool have had a fantastic footballing legacy, but what are their chances of future Premier League success?

Let’s compare their Premiership record with their pre-Premier League record. Whilst the team always do well in the cups, they often under-perform in the league. Many will be looking ahead to see if Leicester City can do a Blackburn Rovers and win the Premier League to rub Liverpool’s nose in it.

It’s a well-known fact that Liverpool have never won the Premier League and this is something that really upsets every supporter on the Kop. The Premier League has only ever been won by the following sides:

  • Manchester United – 13
  • Chelsea – 4
  • Arsenal – 3
  • Manchester City – 2
  • Blackburn Rovers – 1
  • Liverpool – 0


Obviously the Premier League has been dominated by the Sir Alex Ferguson era at Manchester United, but it’s still amazing that Liverpool have yet to win despite coming a very close second in the 2014/15 season.

The Crystal Palace 3-3 draw was a devastating blow and the scale of the capitulation only really became clear a few days after the game.

Before the Premier League started Liverpool were the most successful league club by a significant distance, but since the inception of the Premier League, Manchester United have grown stronger and stronger.

Like many other managers, Brendan Rodgers left his position in the 2015/2016 season and was replaced by Jurgen Klopp. And although Klopp had a decent start to his role, it seems that the honeymoon period could be over for him too.

Liverpool almost seem haunted by previous near-misses in a very similar fashion to the English national team, and it’s difficult to see them challenging Manchester City and United in the short-term.

Despite this, Jurgen Klopp is a proven manager, but the Jose Mourinho sacking earlier this month demonstrates that past success counts for nothing.

Although unlikely, Liverpool’s odds of winning the Premier League are still possible. And you can head to Betway where you can view the latest news and opinion of the Reds and their competitors which is a brilliant way to keep up to date with the fascinating soap opera that is the Premier League.

Some might say that Leicester can’t win the Premier League, but why not? They could replicate the success of Blackburn Rovers who won the title at Anfield in 1995 with Liverpool’s favourite son Kenny Dalglish.

Obviously Leicester don’t have the comparative financial clout that Blackburn had twenty years ago, but they do have an amazing team spirit that has yet to waver this season.

One of saddest events for Liverpool in the last five years has been the sacking of Dalglish, despite his success in winning silverware for the club, before Brendan Rodgers took control – this move really demonstrated the side’s desperation to win the league.

Yet this desperation nearly paid off and it almost materialised despite the infamous Crystal Palace draw and the even more infamous Gerrard Chelsea slip.

Klopp will probably have three or four years to deliver Liverpool their long-sought Premier League title. However, if he doesn’t achieve this, he could soon be following Rodgers and Dalglish out of the door despite the adoration displayed by the Kop faithful.

But it would undoubtedly be for the good of the Premier League if Liverpool can shake the hoodoo and achieve footballing glory once more.

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