Liverpool don’t budge on Willian valuation, bound for Tottenham

It is being reported by the Guardian’s Andy Hunter that Liverpool have refused to budge on their valuation of Anzhi midfielder Willian, paving the way for a move to Tottenham.

It was believed at the beginning of Willian’s availability that he favoured Liverpool, however Brendan Rodgers’ side obviously feel happy enough to stand firm on their original interest of around £30million.

This is similar to the move for Henrikh Mkhitaryan earlier in the summer, which saw him move to Borussia Dortmund after the Merseyside club refused to raise their bid.

This is a world away from Liverpool’s previous regime, who were prepared to spend vastly beyond the general market value of their targets in securing the likes of Stewart Downing and Andy Carroll.

Via the Guardian:

Liverpool are resigned to defeat in the pursuit of Willian, which is a good job having been out-bid by Tottenham and with the Brazilian reportedly undergoing a medical in London. The Anfield club were first to move for the midfielder following news of the budget-slashing at Anzhi Makhachkala and had made good progress on a £30m deal by the weekend, albeit without taking his signature for granted having missed out on Henrik Mkhitaryan and Diego Costa. That caution was well-placed when Spurs arrived with a better offer to both Anzhi and the player. Liverpool refused to go above their initial valuation and Willian is White Hart Lane bound as a result.

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22 thoughts on “Liverpool don’t budge on Willian valuation, bound for Tottenham

  1. Paying extra for quality is one thing, paying over the odds for average players like Downing is stupid. Willian is quality and should have been snapped up by Liverpool. So short sighted.

  2. It become ridiculous, Arsenal are been slated for penny pinching, yet Liverpool are as bad, missing out on targets for the sake of a couple of million quid, is not a smart in this case, allowing Willian to move to Spurs has ended any hope the Pool had of 4th spot, they may as well have sold Suarez to Arsenal for the difference it makes now.

  3. The harsh reality is that Liverpool are now a small thinking club with small thinking management and a small thinking manager. How many more quality players will be queuing up not to come to Anfield….quite a few I would suspect. With the players signed so far, the idea of playing in Europe next season is pure fantasy .

  4. If you want the players you have to bid the most. Not always the size of the club (witness QPR) or have euro football to offer (witness man city when they were first into big money). But IF you want to play with the big boys you need to pay big boys money.

  5. This transfer window has been a disaster. We can forget about 4th place now, its never going to happen. Thats 3 top targets we have missed out on. Whats happening ian ayre?

  6. 1) AVB has been attempting to sign Willian since he became Head Coach at Chelsea. The interest is hardly a new thing after Liverpool unearthed an unknown gem.

    2) There are far mroe reasons for Willian to choose Spurs over Liverpool than just money -so to name that as the sole decisive deciding factor is somewhat misleading and deceptive/deluding.

  7. the fact is Liverpool are no longer the Club the once were, no one is interested in going to a backward place like Liverpool. The C U N T S are still living in the 80s. Proof being the barrage of bubble perms and track suits that hit you, if you ever have the misfortune of being in this kip.
    Anyway what would you expect from the barrel head Rogers? the worst pool manager since michael barrymore

  8. replaced him who is failed in negosiation!!! He is a looser negosiator for liverpool… It’s so bad impact to the team like liverpool fc.

  9. Willian is not worth £30M. I believe any player LFC sign should WANT to play for the club. Fair play to Spurs. He has been AVB’s target for a while. Suarez is defo leaving. Willian was seen as a replacement for Suarez’s LW position. Damiao cannot play on the left and Di Maria is better suited on the right. Not many good LW’s available. I would look at the Hoffenheim kid, Brazilian, his name is Fermino I think. £7M 21 yrs old. Bags of potential.

  10. Just because we let Willan go why on earth do you think this allows Spurs to assume 4th. They’re losing BALE! Ni way will Willan be as good as Bale who is a seasoned EPL player. If anything losing bale with any replacement makes them worse off. Look at Liverpools results they were the 2nd highest earner of points in the second half of the season last year and despite all they are a better prospect this year and can easily bridge the gam between 7th and 4th. Spurs got a 1 nil result from the penalty spot. I guarantee they will not be above Liverpool this year regardless of Willan. Lets just get Turan hes so much better anyway!

  11. You unbelievable idiot. BR has the youngest side in the EPL and believe me they are more than capable of beating anyone. they have youth and hunger. Yes Ian Ayre needs to go but I would love to play my football in the most atmospheric ground in the country. They will hit top 4 this year. Don’t forget Tottenham played on the very same level playing field as Liverpool up until football went money crazy and Liverpool on that Level playing field were top of the pile. Only when money came into it that all the great players flocked to whoever had the most cash rather than everyone grafting and doing their own level best. There really is a massive difference from Liverpool and Spurs. Liverpool had and will do again Spurs never Did. Oh and Joe if money is your thing…Aramco tried to buy Liverpool 3 months ago..Look on google ARAMCO theyre worth 10 Trillion and are the richest company on earth….you want money then you really don’t want to hope that we get bought out by them as wed buy Spurs Man Utd and Chelsea with mere pocket change and make them into car parks LOL.

  12. this man name brendon rogers dont have a idea about good players he only want to buy mickie mouse players for 3 to 5 mil fire the low class manager and mangement asap

  13. Willian says he wants to come to the premiership to improve his image lol Wait until he finds out when Spurs last won the league (50 years ago) or a European trophy (40 years ago). Villa, Forest and Ipswich have better records ha ha

  14. LFC are a bunch of jokers 2 top targets gone just because they couldn’t spend a few million more. But they spend money on mickey mouse signings, forget about top 4 finish it’s about top10 finish. FSG are mickey mouse owners. LFC are becoming a mickey mouse club flipin jokers

  15. I think liverpool going backwards, better pay a few £ over for a top player like willian that for borini and Allen ayre sick my stomach he should b fired ASAP. Hats off to levy spurs r a better team than my team loserpool

  16. We’re all talking as if he’s Ronaldo or even messi!!! I hadn’t even heard of him until a week ago. Now spurs have smashed there transfer record three times in one window and vastly inflated their wage bill. The amount they paid for players with no sell on value in the last two years is financial suicide. Players such as soldado and Dempsey. I think they are throwing caution to the wind despite expecting a windfall from bale and could find themselves in a similar position to liverpool two years ago with a load of senior players all on over 100k a year. Good luck to them though and liverpool will continue unearthing hidden gems like countinho and using our youth like Ibe and sterling. I know which route I prefer

    1. Paul, there are some glaring errors and false assumptions in your post. The fact you had never heard of Willian “until a week ago” kinda forecasts you have no idea what you’re talking about anyway. But…..Dempsey has been sold – along with Parker, Caulker and Huddlestone. Gallas and Bentley have been released. King has retired. The Spurs squad is now younger than it’s been in years. And… Daniel Levy has just returned a profit of 43,000,000 quid.
      And… the Spurs Academy is producing excellent youngsters who are current junior internationals.
      So it seems you pretty much got everything wrong!

  17. Spurs are making a real good team. They have a better squad than probably anyone but Chelsea & MCity. But, this is pushing them to limits & I think AVB has brought them to the edge – CL next year or bust. No club (without oil or mafia money) can sustain several 100K/w player unless they are in CL. White Hart Lane doesn’t acccomodate 75K & Spurs are not the brand like MU, Real, Barca or LFC.

    Unless Spurs finish in top 4, AVB ‘ll get the boot & I am afraid, Spurs ‘ll be an Anzhi like soul searching mode next year. & that’s a big pressure for a team with so many new players. But then, that’s the way you challenge the status co – money can’t buy success, but without spending you have hardly much chance. Goodluck to AVB & Spurs – i was always expecting that AVB ‘ll take chare of LFC, before & after KK got the sack.

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