Leicester City – A betting odds underdog

There are few groups that people in modern society love more than talented underdogs who manage to succeed against all odds.

People like the idea of people who have been kept down their whole lives triumphing over the people who have managed to keep them down, or triumphing over the abstract societal principles that have managed to keep them down in one way or another.

Now Leicester City, a betting odds underdog, are going to manage to rally a lot of enthusiastic sports betters around its cause.


The sports betting odds according to GG are much higher than almost anyone would expect given the circumstances. The Leicester City a betting odds underdog also helps to illustrate the sheer uncertainty involved with sports betting in general.

In April of 2015, most people would have laughed in the faces of anyone who said that he or she was planning on betting for Leicester City in any capacity, given the extremely unfavorable two hundred to one odds that the people at the time were predicting.

However, now Leicester City do have a chance, and people everywhere are trying to really understand why this is.

It should be noted that Leicester City are still not the Premier League favourites. However, they have managed to rise far enough in terms of the odds of its victory that people are still going to manage to question why this happened and they are still going to take notice of the tremendous contrast between what has happened and what could happen.

People who are skilled at gambling often like to believe that they have the entire world figured out in more ways than one, and situations like this can simultaneously appeal to their egos and threaten them.

Gamblers who like to believe that they have the entire world figured out will flatter themselves on the fact that they are able to master something that other people say is completely impossible. They like to pride themselves on their ability to pull the strings, or seem like they are.

A skill at gambling manages to help people feel that they are bringing order to chaos. A huge portion of the human condition is shaped by the desire to attain some sort of control over one’s life and mastery over one’s circumstances. For some people, being skilled at gambling is just another part of that.

However, a lot of gamblers really do thrive on the uncertainty that is inherent in their hobby or in their profession. They like the fact that this is one of the few areas of life where everything does not already feel completely fixed in advance.

In the economic system, it can feel like the people who are rich are just going to stay rich and get richer and the people who are poor are just going to stay poor and get poorer.

When people think about this sort of thing, they can often feel like fatalists who are stuck in one place, which is just going to make it that much harder for them to enjoy their own lives.

With gambling, this is not the case. The results are not predetermined by outside forces, at least not to the same extent as people will find in most other areas of their lives.

There is still uncertainty, which can give people hope when the majority of other things in their lives feel far too certain for them.


Situations that involve Leicester City, a betting odds underdog, are only going to confirm that narrative in the hearts and minds of many people. As such, there are probably going to be lots of betters who will be specifically taking their chances on Leicester City.

The Premier League is very much an organisation that is shaped by economic forces. Some teams are going to be able to afford better players, which is going to make a huge difference in terms of whether or not the teams are going to win. They get more support from their fans, which is also going to shape the outcome of the game from a financial perspective.

This situation can be somewhat frustrating for the people who thrive on some of the randomness of sports betting, and it is a situation that the professional sports betters enjoy using to their advantage.

Naturally, almost all gamblers still thrive on the adrenaline surge that is involved with gambling, and the situation involving Leicester City is going to give them quite a show. They’re going to be more engrossed in this game than they would be under most other circumstances.

People are going to be absolutely thrilled if Leicester City actually do manage to get ahead despite all odds. However, it is going to be an absolutely thrilling ride for everyone one way or another.

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