John Terry: England players too honest to dive


John Terry believes England players are too honest to dive, sometimes to their own disadvantage.

In the build-up to next Wednesday’s World Cup qualifier the England captain said it was clear that the Croatia striker Eduardo da Silva dived to earn a penalty for Arsenal against Celtic and that diving to win penalties is not in the English mentality.

“I can speak about the England lads and I think it is something we don’t do,” said Terry.

“I think we’re too honest, sometimes even in the Premier League you see the English lads get a bit of contact and stay on their feet and try and score from the chance they have been given.

“I think sometimes that honesty goes against us. I think sometimes as a country we’re too honest. I think the Eduardo one was a dive and we can all see that and it is disappointing to see because Arsenal are a quality side and I don’t think they want to be portrayed like that.”

John Terry admits English players need to be more cynical and “play along” when they are challenged, and earn a free-kick instead of staying on their feet.

“As Chelsea first came into the Champions League and the UEFA Cup I think we had to adapt, because in the last minute of games we were giving away silly fouls that weren’t. I think we have to adapt to the game and if the rules are there and the referees are giving them fouls we have to play along with that as well.

“I think that is how we play, if there is a foul or a touch and you’re through on goal you go down. If you stay on your feet and [the referee] realises you don’t get a full contact on the shot after that, it is for the referee to decide.”

England manager, Fabio Capello, agreed with his captain that diving is not a problem in the English game.

“I saw a lot of games in England, I saw not too many divers. This is a problem between Arsenal and Uefa, I don’t understand why it is being given such coverage,” he said. “I prefer sporting players, no divers.”

Via the Guardian, “Falling from grace”

Wayne Rooney

Sparked a food fight when he dived around a challenge from Arsenal’s Sol Campbell at Old Trafford in 2004

John Terry

Accused of simulation by Mark Hughes after going down under a challenge from Blackburn’s Andre Ooijer in 2006

David Beckham

Booked for diving when Real Madrid played Real Betis in September 2006

Steven Gerrard

Has been accused of diving by fans of teams as varied as Milan, Sheffield United, Jamaica and Andorra

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