Is Victor Moses ready to make the move away from Wigan?

One of the most publicised and drawn out transfers of this window is Chelsea’s potential signing of the 21-year old Wigan Athletic winger, Victor Moses. Originally, it was thought that Wigan would be standing firm on the £10 million price tag; however, it is now reported that the Nigerian international could be on the verge of signing for the Champions League winners for as little as £8.5 million. But the question remains: is Victor Moses ready for such a monumental switch?

Well, Moses is a young, talented, fast, and strong player that has all the natural and physical attributes to change a game and create something out of nothing. Often, Victor can beat a man at will and leave him trailing as he sprints his way clear of the defence. Unfortunately, his next steps let the pacey winger down. His decision making, final ball and general vision are all lacking and often leave both his team-mates and fans bemused as to how such a promising attack faded into the abyss. This is something that the Wigan fans and coaching staff tolerate as Moses is one of the few options Wigan have in that position, and is certainly one of the best players in a Wigan shirt. However, would the Chelsea faithful and Roberto Di Matteo be so patient with the often puzzling winger with knowledge that there are other world-class options on the bench?

This also leads into another key point: where would Moses fit into the Chelsea line-up? With the addition of Eden Hazard, Marko Marin and Oscar combined with the current attacking options of Juan Mata, Daniel Sturridge, Florent Malouda, Yossi Benayoun and Gael Kakuta it is hard to see just how Moses would be able to break into the starting line-up. Additionally, Chelsea have an unfortunate habit of signing young players that fail to break into the first 11. Wright-Phillips, Lukaku and Kakuta can certainly attest to that. This could have a potentially devastating impact on the 21-year-old’s career path. Further, Moses wouldn’t be the first Wigan player to jump ship too soon. Both Wilson Palacios and Charles N’Zogbia enjoyed unparalleled periods of success at Wigan Athletic which vanished upon moving. The latter in particular looked like a world beater while at Wigan, and managed to break into the French squad. However, he has found himself out of form at Aston Villa and, at times, drawing heavy criticisms from the Villa fans. Very few could deny that another season with the Latics would have greatly benefitted N’Zogbia. In contrast, arguably the most successful Wigan Athletic alum of all time, Antonio Valencia, stayed that extra season and reaped the rewards.

While Moses still has his flaws – flaws which the first-rate coaching and world-class colleagues could help eradicate – there is no denying his potential. However, in order to realise this potential, it is imperative that the player is an active part of the team. Warming the bench, albeit at one of the largest clubs in the world, will do nothing for his skills or his career. First team football is something that Chelsea cannot guarantee and, until Moses can iron out his flaws, this is something that will be very hard to achieve. What Moses really needs is another season at a team where he is guaranteed first team football, and without the massive pressure of trying to break into a strong squad. This extra season would help Moses position himself as a potential starting player for a club challenging for major silverware.

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11 thoughts on “Is Victor Moses ready to make the move away from Wigan?

  1. I have to agree with you totally. It’s such a shame when such a shining star will be relegated to being a bit player in an already over-populated team. I wish him luck if he does leave, but I fear he may well be damaging his career at a crucial time. The shiny baubles dazzle many.

    1. It is a fantastic offer. He will be getting a substantial increase in salary and the chance to play in Europe. It is hard to turn down.

      I would love to see him succeed, I just think he could hugely benefit from another year of first team football.

  2. moses should gladly go because chelsea want him based on his perfomance last season. don’t be surprise he displace eden hazard and marin. wish him good luck. God will continue to be his stength.

    1. I wish him all the best of luck if he does go. It is a fantastic opportunity and not one I’m sure I could turn down myself. I just find it hard to see him being a regular starting player at the moment.

      I hope, if he does leave, I am wrong. He has been a fantastic player for Wigan.

    1. The stumbling point seems to be over a few million. For Chelsea this is nothing, yet for Wigan the added fee is a huge bonus.

      Think of it this way; would Wigan be more likely to survive with Moses? If so, how much do you value that to be?

      If he doesn’t get the move, Wigan will still get a tribunal fee which makes the lost sum around 5-6 million. Well worth it for a player that makes the chance of premier league survival more realistic.

  3. Anyone who thinks “Daniel Sturridge, Florent Malouda, Yossi Benayoun and Gael Kakuta” are likely to be part of the team next season is clueless. Or guilty of dishonesty by padding the argument with names everyone knows are unlikely to feature.

  4. Even if Moses was the finished article which he is not ,he still would have to accept that Chelski have a rotation system which in turn would ensure his learning progress would become non existent , He should ask Steve Sidwell what his time was like before jumping in boots first.

  5. One thing defenders fear and that is a player that runs at them with the confidence that he will get past them. However, after doing the hard part, Moses often cannot give the final finish or pass.
    At Wigan he’s forgiven but a Chelsea set up will be less patient especially with the depth of squad they have.

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