Is Becks still a prized asset?

If you wade through all the media articles, the big billboards, the magazine adverts, the fragrances, the shirt sales, the fashion range, the big PR bubble surrounding him and all those multi-million pound endorsements, there’s still a very gifted footballer. And his name is David Beckham.

That shy schoolboy from Leytonstone pulled on the red of Manchester United in 1993, and hasn’t looked back since. He has grown into the world’s most famous footballer, becoming a global sensation, and having every move tracked by the media.

Stints with Real Madrid, LA Galaxy and AC Milan have led to him becoming even more well known across Europe and the Americas, and he’s now the richest footballer of all-time, worth an estimated £135m. And that wealth just keeps growing, too.

His $6.5m a season contract with the MLS, licensed to LA Galaxy, expires at the end of the year, and Beckham will have to make a decision on his future at the end of post-season on November 20th. Then he has a choice of staying in LA, moving back to England with the possibility of Tottenham or QPR, or, as reported today, a chance of ending up in France, joining the revolution at PSG. All of which will more than likely be just as lucrative as his current contract.

But is Beckham really worth it? At 36, he’s certainly past his prime, but does that mean he’s not as good as he once was?

22 games, 2 goals and 14 assists – yeah, he’s still alright…

David Beckham is still one of the most talented and gifted players around – he’d still make it into the starting line-up of the majority of Europe’s biggest clubs. He’s still an international player – very rarely is a player of 36 still playing top football for his country. He’s also quite likely to lead us to the Olympics next year, too – indicating just how good a player he still is.

Still, nobody can pass a ball better than him. Nor can they cross better, or take set-pieces as well. He truly is a one-of-a-kind player, and lucky enough for the England team, he plays for them. Without him, they’d have been half the team they were between 2000 and 2006.

To answer my original question, yes, he most certainly is a prized asset. The likelihood of any team turning down David Beckham is very slim. It is testimony to him that Sir Alex Ferguson would have him back to Manchester United. He is an inspirational figurehead for the Beautiful Game.

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