How to spend the half time break

Every week, football fans across the world watch countless fixtures, from Premier League to LaLiga games.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions have prevented fans from physically attending games in stadiums- but broadcasters like Sky Sports have managed to keep the magic alive for fans whilst they patiently wait to return. The upcoming Champions League final (2021) between Manchester City and Chelsea will be allowing a select number of supporters to attend, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Until then, fans must continue to watch games from either their homes or sports bars that are showing them to socially distanced attendees.

One benefit of watching games from your home is the halftime period. Some fans don’t know what to do when it’s halftime (they’re just desperate for the second half to start), but others make the most of it. How do they do that? Let’s examine the best ways to spend the halftime break.

Play an online casino

When the halftime whistle blows, it’s common for a lot of fans to quickly grab their phones and open an online casino for some quick games – and who can blame them? The games on offer, from roulette to blackjack, are a lot of fun and help to keep the fun and energy going before the teams kick off again.

If you’ve never played an online casino, you should sign up for one – you’ll never be bored at halftime again. Check out this comparison site to compare the best UK online casinos; you’ll be able to choose which is best for you.

Place some bets

Betting is embedded in football culture. Of course, you shouldn’t go crazy with betting (especially if you’re on a budget). But there’s nothing wrong with a fun little bet or two every so often – it’s a lot of fun and adds an extra element to the viewing experience.

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Engage with fans on Twitter

Twitter is a fundamental part of the modern football.

It’s the perfect outlet for fans to tweet out their opinions (good or bad), engage with each other, and even communicate with players.

So, when it’s halftime, head onto Twitter to see what people are saying about the game. There are a lot of great pundits out there who’s tweets you might enjoy, such as Simon Jordan or Gary Lineker.

You should also tweet yourself and let your friends and the public know your opinions about the game you’re watching. Are certain players performing badly? Do you disagree with the manager’s choices?

And if your tweets are particularly knowledgeable, funny, or interesting, you’ll get retweets and favorites – which is what everyone wants.

Watch fan streams on YouTube

These days, a lot of clubs have fan channels that stream live ‘watch alongs’ to games. For example, Arsenal have the notorious ‘AFTV’ (Arsenal Fan TV).

It’s a great idea to load up your favourite team’s fan channel during halftime for some extra entertainment.

Finally, play a FIFA match

The average game on FIFA Ultimate Team is around 15 minutes, which means you’ve got just enough time to have a quick game before the second half begins!

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