How the internet has changed being a football fan

In the space of a generation, much has changed about how to be a football fan.

The one big change is the emergence of the internet, this has allowed a whole new world of interaction and football content for both the casual and the diehard fan.

Here we will look at how the internet has changed being a football fan.

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Social media

Fans of football, amongst many other things, have found a space online to discuss, disagree and argue about the finer points of the game that we all love.

The prime space these days for such groups to interact is Facebook groups, before these online forums on websites were the preferred method, and although these still exist, they are not the primary method anymore.

It is not uncommon to find rival fans infiltrating their opponent’s pages to engage in pre-match ‘banter’.

Live streaming and highlights

One area where it has seen a big change is the ability to stream live matches and highlights via high-speed connections. This can be a good and a bad thing, it is said that it can be a reason fans might stay away from attending in person.

It can also be the case that illegal streaming sites offer games without payment taking away essential revenue from the sport. Fans can even watch on their phones.


The ability to place a bet on the game has become so much easier with the emergence of online bookies. In the old days, you had to visit a less than fragrant, smoke-filled, premises which could be quite intimidating in some ways.

But not now, pretty much anyone, so long as they meet the required legal age can place a bet at their convenience. You can easily compare betting providers online at to get the best prices.

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Buying tickets

Buying tickets for games is another area that has seen a technological revival online. There’s now no need to find the time to physically go down to the ticket office to buy a seat. You only need to go online to buy your tickets, you can then print them off, have them posted and even use an app on your phone to gain entry to certain grounds.

You can buy and sell unwanted tickets on websites like but this can be overwhelmed with bots and ticket touts meaning prices can end up being inflated and is discouraged by the clubs and official ticket providers.

Podcasts and blogging

We don’t need to completely rely on the mainstream media to provide all of our news and options on our favourite club, league or the football world at large. This can be an entertaining way of listening to some interesting debate and opinion on football.

Although it is to be expected that much of what is said via podcasts and blogs should be taken with a pinch of salt as any transfer rumours or ‘inside info’ may not meet the same rigorous editorial standards as official TV, radio or newspaper coverage.

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