How likely are the Colorado Rapids to win the MLS Cup?

The Colorado Rapids was founded in 1995, making it a 26-year-old team. They have been participating ever since in Major League Soccer (MLS), thus making this year their 26th consecutive season to join in the game.

They’re a founding member of the MLS and part of the Western Conference. Their home stadium is Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City.

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History of the Rapids in MLS

The first season that the team played was in 1996, which was also the inaugural season of MLS. Unfortunately, it was not a good one for Rapids. Although they had experienced players like Chris Woods and Shaun Bartlett play in the field, they ended up being last in the Western Conference and having the poorest record for that season.

The following season, they had a rough start with new players introduced to the team. However, they bounced back and made it to the finals, although they came second to D.C. United. They may have lost, but that was a massive achievement from being the last from the previous season.

The following years have been a lot of misses and wins for the team. After several seasons of losses and missing a few marks for the gold, they finally won the most coveted MLS Cup in 2010. They were perceived as the underdogs and finished fifth in the Western Conference. A wildcard seed took them to the finals, where they won over FC Dallas after an extra-time game.

Probability of the Rapids winning the MLS Cup

With the MLS Cup 2021 regular season ending on November 7, 2021, it can still be anybody’s game. However, there is still a chance, especially for the top teams, to win the finals, and that includes the Colorado Rapids. They currently sit third on the Western Conference and fourth overall. The team has 26 games played, won 13, lost only 4, and has 9 games tied.

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The odds for Colorado Rapids are currently +1100, which they share with other two teams, New York City FC and Nashville SC. The team has had an impressive season so far, with consecutive wins and ties. So if you want to bet on the Rapids, you can do that at a Colorado sports betting site like This site has a wide range of games available for betting, and that includes, of course, MLS. The maximum amount you can wager is displayed on the specific game you will be betting for that day. You need to sign up for an account on the site to start wagering, and you must be at least 18-years-old.

Members are eligible for bonuses, promotions, and various special offers. The deposit methods vary in each country, but you will get the information once you sign up. It also offers different details on the odds in MLS Cup and other sports too like NBA, NFL, and MLB. You will also find helpful information about betting trends, which can help you further when wagering.

There’s only over a month to go before this season of the MLS Cup ends. Colorado Rapids is still in the race to win the finals. There might be three other teams ahead of the standing at this time and two more others on the same rank, but they made it as a dark horse before, and it’s not impossible that they can do it now.

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