How is MOTD2 Fairing: Adrian Chiles…Colin Murray


Having watched Match Of The Day 2 each weekend of this new Premier League season this was the first that I signed on to Twitter. I was shocked at what I found, Colin Murray was trending, that was not the shock, I sat in amazement at the hate for Colin presenting the show. Granted there have been some questionable moments and remarks from the Irish presenter, but surely you can’t blame him for trying to inject some humor and banter into a football show. Lots of people getting very irate at his ‘’enjoy your weekend’’ sign off on a Sunday night but I think that’s another of his personal gags.

Adrian Chiles was the man he has taken command from. For me Adrian was a safe option he’s a good presenter who knows enough about the football world to get along with ex-pros on the sofa. ITV have now snapped him up for their football coverage. He is good on camera and makes the program flow seamlessly though making a comfortable viewing experience.

This is in contrast to Colin Murray, who maybe wants to be a pundit and give his analytical view on the games, which is not his role. His cocky gags don’t tend to help. He also admits it’s not been an easy transition in his career saying “It’s blown my mind getting it because I only started in August in full-time sport [on 5 Live]. I’ve been doing music mostly. When I first started in sport I concede that I sat and thought, ‘Where do I want to be in five years’ time? Well, it would be nice to maybe do MOTD2.’ But not eight months later. That didn’t figure in my plans.” Maybe it has come to quickly for him and the public

You must remember as well that Adrian Chiles was derided and given abuse when he started, but eventually became a good compliment to Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson who are prominent as the BBC’s football summirisers.

I think it is fair to say that Murray won’t be your standard ‘‘Hello, here’s today’s action’’ football presenter, his accent and banter-full chat will take time to get used to but personally I like it, hopefully it can help MOTD2 become a slightly alternative football show with a bit of bite. I think everyone should just relax, sit back and embrace it.

Afterall, it’s still got all the football action in it.

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