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After months of being under appreciated, Ger McCarthy finally gets his moment in the spotlight as he joins Neil Sherwin and Willie Gannon to discuss what has been a hectic few days in the Premier League.

Hold the BackPage – The G Mc C Show by bpfootball
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This week’s Hold the BackPage focuses solely on the Premier League with two rounds of fixtures to get through as well as some big off the field news.

Ger McCarthy takes centre stage having been disappointed with his treatment in previous shows and using his big moment to make the bold statement that Liverpool can mount a title challenge this season.

As usual, Neil Sherwin waxes lyrical about Manchester City and their seemingly never ending run of good form, while Willie Gannon explores some rather obscure metaphors.

There’s chat around the ease in which Manchester United knock off ‘lesser’ opponents, a look at Steve Kean’s rather difficult situation at Blackburn Rovers, and discussion on Newcastle United and Aston Villa, two sides struggling badly in the past few weeks.

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