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On this week’s milestone 50th Hold the BackPage, Neil Sherwin, Ger McCarthy and Willie Gannon discuss the midweek Champions League action, the FA Cup, the Premier League and the much debated PFA Player of the Year nominations.

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Plenty to talk about surrounding the first leg of the Champions League semi finals as Bayern Munich and Chelsea talk narrow leads into their away games against Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively.

Chelsea also reached the FA Cup Final last weekend with a win at Wembley, a result that of course disappointed Spurs supporters Ger and Willie.

The second part of the podcast is littered with controversy but first there’s chat around the relegation battle in the Premier League following some important wins for Ger’s second club Wigan. Opinions are offered on the issue of diving in the wake of Ashley Young’s latest theatrics for Manchester United.

After that it’s on to the PFA Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year nominations with the pod’s resident Corkonian in fine form as he dismisses the credentials of Sergio Aguero. Thankfully Neil and Willie bring some sense to the table with facts and reasoned opinion.

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