Hold The Back Page: Episode 5


Hold the Back Page episode five is upon us, and we hope you’re smiling more than the Greater Manchester Police were when they saw the Champions League draw this week!

Your regular host Ciarán Ó Raghallaigh of the Irish Sunday Mirror is joined in the studio by Neil Ahern for the usual informed chit chat, which this week deals with the EPL’s big clubs bullying in the opening two weeks, as well as a look at that other top heavy league, La Liga, which kicks off this weekend.

Paddy Power’s Chris McWilliams joins in on the fun with some tips and a look ahead to the league races in Spain and Italy.

Then, there’s a special guest slot, with Bohemians skipper Owen Heary giving a wide ranging interview on the state of domestic soccer in Ireland. The former Shels man shares his thoughts on the current Airtricity League as well as revisiting his career highlight with Shelbourne.
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Kevin Coleman

Founder and co-editor of Back Page Football and current host of our 'Three At The Back' weekly podcast.

3 thoughts on “Hold The Back Page: Episode 5

  1. You dont know about Salary Caps?

    Theres a shock, whats a matter? No Barstoolers joke?

    Nah, you awful fucking hacks had to contend with a Stephen Irelands family joke.

    Utter fucking amatuers

    1. Not quite sure what you are referring to Daniel, but both myself and Ciaran are very well-informed on the 65% Salary Cost Protocol in the Airtricity League seeing as we report on it on a very regular basis.
      Admittedly, I am not completely down with the intricacies of the Bundesliga’s financial model, if you want to get me up to speed I am happy to listen? Or else you can link your own podcast if it explains it in more depth there?
      Thanks for listening by the way!

  2. What are you on about Daniel?

    “You dont know about Salary Caps?” – what do they not know about them?

    “Theres a shock, whats a matter? No Barstoolers joke?” – what’s that got to do with anything?

    “Nah, you awful fucking hacks had to contend with a Stephen Irelands family joke.” – contend?

    “Utter fucking amatuers” – it’s amateurs.

    is there a right side of the bed you could possibly get out of? :D

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