He’s never boring, is Bellamy

Is it just a matter of being at the wrong place at the wrong time for Bellamy, or does it seem after every corner he walks into trouble? There was unwanted media attention on him and Liverpool after his bust-up with John Arne Riise ahead of their Champions League tie with Barcelona in 2007. He’s not shy of a few words, and can get a rush of blood to the head now and again. This week, after one of the best performances of his career, he’s in more trouble after shoving a fan who came onto the pitch at the end of the Manchester derby.

Craig Bellamy gers into an altercation with a Manchester United fan after yesterday's derby

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The fan who invaded the pitch has been charged, but the police and the FA are looking into Bellamy’s incident.

Bellamy approached the man, who had staged a solo pitch invasion, and shoved him in the face before the fan was then led away by stewards.

“At the end of the derby between Manchester United and Manchester City at Old Trafford, a member of the public ran on to the pitch, and was detained by police and security staff,” a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said. “During this time, there was an altercation between the man and a player from Manchester City FC.

“No formal complaint has been made by either party but police are continuing to make inquiries.”

However it was announced from Manchester City that they will not be punishing Bellers, either on understandable grounds, the fact he hit a United fan, or in merit of his outstanding performance.

Asked if the club would take any action against Bellamy, City’s assistant boss Mark Bowen told BBC Radio 5 live: “No. I don’t think there is any need to.

“My take is that he thought the fella might spit in his face or something,” added Bowen.

“He came very close and moved towards him. Craig, with an open hand, just pushed the fella away.”

City manager Mark Hughes has also defended Wales captain Bellamy’s actions, saying: “I did not see it but the guy should not have been on the pitch. That is not acceptable.”

Greater Manchester Police have charged the supporter for entering the playing area “without lawful authority”.

It is a black mark on what was otherwise an outstanding game. I feel this incident, as always, has been over bloated into something it isn’t. Bellamy should be looked upon as the player who scored twice against United, ran his socks off and still didn’t win. He shouldn’t be charged, the fan shouldn’t have been there and Bellamy simply did what any steward or member of staff would’ve done to catch a hold of the fan.

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