Have Tottenham agreed a €35m fee for Willian?

Russian publication Sport Express is reporting that Tottenham have agreed a £35million to sign Anzhi midfielder Willian.

Liverpool, they say, have also tabled a bid, but £5million below Tottenham’s valuation – which apparently includes a percentage of the player’s next sale price.

According to the “SE”, “Tottenham” agreed with “Anji” on the transfer midfielder Willian. The deal is estimated at 35 million euros. In addition, Makhachkala receive a percentage of the transfer of the next player. Earlier it was reported that a 25-year-old Brazilian’s “Liverpool” offered 30 million euros plus 50 percent of the possible future resale player. Also, according to the “SE”, a football player would like to see in your part of “Zenith” and “Miner”, ready to die for it Makhachkala 40 million euros. Recall that in the current season Willian spent in the Premier League 4 games and made 2 assists. (Vyacheslav Korotkina)

The rumours over Willian may have reached their peak. We’d expect a concrete decision to be made by the club and the player in the next week, but Tottenham and Liverpool are definitely the two front-runners.

As mentioned above, Willian has two assists in four games this season for the Russian side. It’s not clear how he will slot into the Liverpool side, who still have Luis Suarez to return and see Philippe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge playing to a high level, while Iago Aspas showed great signs in his league debut.

Tottenham moving for the player, who is mostly a left sided player, makes much more sense considering the likelihood Gareth Bale will leave the club. Willian won’t provide the same strength and burst the Welshman can offer, but he does have the same skill and playmaking ability that will make him a danger to any defence in the Premier League.

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22 thoughts on “Have Tottenham agreed a €35m fee for Willian?

  1. According to AVB, Spurs have not yet bid for the player. So who is telling the truth? Who can we really believe?

  2. Liverpool are playing Couthino on the left till they sign a right footed left sided forward then Rogers says Couthino will play No10 role. Willian is exactly what Rogers wants though I would prefer Damiao to play centrally with Suarez and Sturridge each side and Couthino supplying them from No 10. Damiao scores with his head often and will score more than Willian. Suarez and Sturridge like to wander so this formation should score many, many goals!

  3. Why would he want to join Spurs? If Bale stays, he’s a sub. If Bale leaves (one-man team) Spurs, they’ll be lucky to finish in the top 6. At Liverpool, I’d think he’s a starter, with Coutinho moving into the centre of midfield.

    1. So Spurs would finish 6th without Bale, therefore he should go to Liverpool….because Liverpool are so great at the moment and are regular Champions league contenders???

      Wake up, smell the coffee – Liverpool are not in the same league as Spurs and haven’t been in years, with or without Bale!!!

  4. Spurs are obviously telling Anzhi what they WILL offer but are stalling till Bale’s future is determined.

  5. A very weak attempt by the sellers’ trying to push up the players valuation! ‘Anji’ over-paid when they splashed 32m for this player. He is at best 18m worth and any attempt to shake-off Liverpool FC would be foolish since they know they can meet their requirements by going for Shaqiri for around 18m. If LFC and FSG are willing to pay 25m+, then they should go for Erik Lamela of Roma.

  6. Why would he want to go to Liverpool? No Europe. At best 7th place (with Suarez). Worse case 9th place (without Suarez).
    Oh, I forgot, everyone wants to go to Liverpool because of their HISTORY.
    In all honesty, Spurs would be better off with Lamela from Roma rather than Willian.

  7. Yeah of course they are a one-man team… 2 Brazilian internationals, 3 Belgian internationals, 1 Spanish international, and a whole bunch of England internationals and future prospects….but yeah you’re right, Tottenham are definitely a one man team D Keeling…you fool

  8. I think the Liverpool fans who think this current Spurs teams is nothing without Bale are deluded.Have you guy’s really taken a look at the squad AVBs building I’m not gonna foolishly shout Spurs are gonna do this or that or that Liverpool wont do this or that because anything can happen but they finished 5th last season with record points.Bales scored the goals because the strikers were misfiring this season there is Soldado not to mention anyone who could be signed to improve on last season and the overall team is stronger everyones been together for a extra year once they gel their gonna be scary.

  9. Its just the begining of the season Sturrage hasnt proven he can do it the whole season Liverpool talk about him like he’s Van persie Coutinho’s a kid from Brazil who has the resposibilty of pulling the strings all season for the Reds. Apsas looks okay but nothing amazing Henderson looks slow in the brain and doesnt score.Capoue Vs Allen lol. Old man Carragher retires and he’s replaced by oldman on diet pills Kolo Tore.
    Skirtle is average .Sterling is a baby needs time .Gerard is declining Lampard is aging more gracefully then him.Plus there is something really corny about Brenden Rodgers it’s hard to put my finger on it. Liverpool fans are not good at seeing their own flaws so he must look like JFK to them but he’s really annoying and bit fake in interview I dont know .Anyway I m off good day to you all.

  10. You’re right of course … not in the same league … i mean look at all that Tottenham have won and achieved, laugh out loud, one qualification for a tournament we win more times than you will ever compete in it …..

  11. i agree with you AVB is building a good squad, unlike your neighbours, but so is Rodgers, i don’t hear you respecting that so much …

  12. Liverpool are accending the rands after a shaky few years. Did you see spurs slow poor performance at the weekend against Palace? Liverpool were on fire against Stoke. I can’t see Spurs bettering last seasons position whereas Liverpool are better than last year already.

  13. From a Spurs point of view, it would be magical if Spurs bought both Willian and Erik Lamela. If Daniel Levy sticks to his word and stands firm and Bale stays with Spurs for one more season AVB would have a tremendous headache with team selection but what a position to be in. The prats supposedly ITK and certain malcontent pundits would look awfully stupid but I have no doubt that they will spread malicious rumours of discontent within the team.
    The players that AVB and Franco Baldini are currently putting together could to all intents and purposes be more than a match for anyone anywhere anytime. Its so funny to read that Spurs are only spending so much money because of the impending Sale of Bale to Real Madrid and will recoup their investment when he’s sold yet the same clowns write that Real Madrid have no money and only intend to pay for Bale in instalments, bearing in mind that they still owe Spurs over 50% for Modric. I firmly believe that Billionaire owner Joe Lewis is funding much of this spending spree, that plus the fact that Spurs are a very wealth club in their own right. Perhaps the media will eventually realise this fact that Spurs do not need to sell Bale if they don’t want to, they may do but they don’t need to right now. Don’t be lead by the cretins in the media, they know nothing and are not privy to the Boardrooms of football clubs, particularly the Spurs Boardroom, none of us are.

  14. Willian is exactly what Rogers wants
    While spurs may be hijack william from liverpool and make him a sub of bale. Liverpool must be fight for him till the end if failed, I would prefere Leandro Damiao for liverpool take him out from internacional to play in no. 9 role player. Maybe he is player who is the teammate needed and may can be gift from God for liverpool. The decision can be the best option! Who knows ????

  15. spurs fan. if i am totally honest, i think the sale of bale happened ages ago. we were told 50mil spend this summer – already happened. Any future buys is a result of the sale of bale. Remember the agreement with real madrid last year, it wouldn’t surprise me if a deal has been signed weeks ago however has not been made public on the basis that tottenham sign players. its good business if you think about it, if it went public then all teams will know spurs have big money to spend and will over price the players tottenham want. I dnt believe for one minute that tottenham will spend big and keep bale. This is football “the money game” sad to say

  16. Guy , what was the score at Anfield last season for spurs Liverpool? Sure that I remember liverpool winning but that can’t be right because we’re not as good as spurs are we

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