Germany are back after outstanding performance in Munich

Germany were men possessed that few of us saw coming. Suddenly, the three at the back formation worked well. Were the real issues finally sorted out?

Being defeated by the world champions in the opening game, the pressure was even higher as they had to win against the defending European champions to have hope of staying in the tournament. The Germans’ average performance after that crushing opening loss made it look as if they were ready to go home early.

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Portugal’s nightmares against Germany continue

Germany had a great start with Robin Gosens’s offside goal at the fifth minute in the game. As things stood, it felt as if we were going to see the same old thing when Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal through Germany’s free-kick. Persistent pressing by Nationalmannschaft cost Portugal two painful own goals which changed the match quickly in the first half.

Joachim Löw’s boys finally found the rhythm, exploiting their opponent’s weaknesses, and they never looked back. Their relentless strong and fighting team spirit is rewarded with a deserving victory to keep their 2020 European Championships campaign alive. With this defeat, the Portuguese striker has now lost to the Germans for the fifth time. On the same date, 13 years ago, Germany won 3-2 in the European Championships quarter-finals.

Everyone was in sync with each other despite their shaky defence that still needs to be addressed. Not only was it three important points at home, but the boys showed brilliant gameplay as if it was the Germany that we knew. A great team work that has to be praised for their determination, dynamic and passion. I wasn’t and still not a fan of 3-4-3 formation as we have failed many times with the system. For once and for all, surprisingly, it actually worked for this team.

Kimmich is a machine

Despite having to play at right-back, Joshua Kimmich unfailing strived through his monster mentality and ability to exert influence from any position on the field. The fact he was playing right-back when his forte is a midfielder at Bayern Munich proved to me what an elite player he is. Maybe this future captain of the Nationalmannschaft was very unfortunate to be a world-class player for two different positions.

“He can be one of the best players in world football in several positions, maybe he already is,”
– Xavi Hernandez

Certainly, Germany has fixed the issues they had with France in their second game of Group F. The fourth goal came from Gosens’s header was richly deserved for being astonishing throughout the game before he was subbed in the final third. It was later revealed that Ronaldo once refused to swap shirts with him which made him felt small. The felt small part makes me angry and this win, sweeter. Rejection can serve as the best motivator as that same Gosens put in a standout performance for Germany against Portugal, earning him the title of Star of the Match.

Oh, let’s not forget how sensational our very own Raumdeuter was! Thomas Müller may not be the target to score for Germany, but his presence was vital in assisting his team in moving the ball into dangerous areas; he is our “X” factor. As much as I miss watching him in the number 13 shirt, the 31-year-old Bayern Munich star is just ageless as he was everywhere on the pitch. There’s no doubt how his return to the national team is worthy to the squad.

Star boy is going to explode next season

Chelsea’s Champions League-winning scorer, Kai Havertz, threw in an energetic effort as he was much more confident last evening. I could somehow foresee he is going to explode next season. Havertz has now become the youngest German goalscorer at a European Championships. The most fascinating thing about football is to watch world’s class players put their abilities into making the impossible possible.

“And normally, in the moment of the truth, Germany is going to be there…I think if they go through the group phase, they can go all the way,” Jose Mourinho

The Germans need to focus on the following game against Hungary as the race to knockout stages is now open for everyone. Even though the Nationalmannschaft is not considered one of the favourites for this summer’s European Championship, they defied the naysayers with a thrilling comeback.

Hold your breath because the Germans have arrived.

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