Fan Focus: Manchester United

Today we talk to Manchester Utd fan Dale O’ Donnell, who is also behind the fan website Stretty News.
What is your greatest hope for the season ahead? 
My greatest hope for the upcoming season is to become champions of England, again. It has been great rubbing number 19 into the faces of Liverpool supporters, so long may it continue.
And your biggest fear? 
Playing away from home, I guess. Our away form last season was nothing less than a disgrace and it needs to improve this season because I don’t see Man City or Chelsea dropping as many points. Consistency will decided who wins the league.
Thoughts on the club’s summer transfer business? 
We have invested in young, promising players so I am pleased with United’s business this summer. However, there’s still something missing… and that’s a midfielder. Wesley Sneijder springs into my mind immediately.
Who’ll be your most important player this season? 
From watching the lads on the US Tour, I would have to say Wayne Rooney. If a world-class midfielder isn’t signed, I reckon Rooney will make that deeper free-roam role his own.
And who’s the fan favourite? 
I know Hernandez only joined a year ago but he’s made an incredible impact on the fans already. Not only does the 23-year-old score goals, but his attitude is spot on – always a smile on his face.
Anyone new who we should keep an eye out for? 
Sergio Aguero. I’ve been waiting to see a club in England sign this kid for some time now – there’s plenty of goals in him. Just a shame he signed for that lot…
The player you’d pay his taxi fee to his new club? 
Darren Gibson. The Irishman clearly isn’t good enough for the highest level, but I would still like to see him do well elsewhere.
Who do you want to beat most this season? 
Liverpool. Everybody hates them (apart from their supporters, obviously).
Opposition players you admire and you despise? 
I have always admired creative footballers. So, players like Luka Modric and David Silva would certainly be close to the top of my list.
Despise: John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Carlos Tevez, Jamie Carragher, Mario Balotelli… The list goes on, but you get the idea.
Have you got the right manager, and what advice would you give him? 
Silly question when you have a manager like Sir Alex Ferguson.
And finally, where will you finish? 
I’m pretty confident we’ll win the league again next season. But like I said earlier, our away form needs to improve rapidly.

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Kevin Coleman

Founder and co-editor of Back Page Football and current host of our 'Three At The Back' weekly podcast.

5 thoughts on “Fan Focus: Manchester United

  1. I know he was looking for a reaction with the Liverpool comment, but it’s hilarious coming from a Utd fan!

    Also, love that his ‘new player we should look out for’ is from a completely different club! And not only, that but Man City! Haha, are times that bad at Utd that you don’t have someone of your own?

  2. @Sam – can you scousers read at all? He was asked to name any OPPOSITION players that he admired, and that is why he didn’t name a United player LOL! Opposition players are actually players from other teams. If you did read correctly, then you are just miffed that he didn’t name a L’Pool player. Although I think Luis Suarez is a player to be admired for his skill and flair. All football fans admire footballs great flair players – but maybe not scousers eh Sam?

    1. Let me chime in here MS, I think you’ve mistaken the ‘Anyone new who we should keep an eye out for?’ – which is the question Sam was talking about – and the players Dale admires and despises.

    2. He said David Silva & Luka Modric under players he admires, you moron. And you’re asking Sam if he can read?

      Suppose as much intelligence is to be expected from fans (including Dale O’Donnel) who worship Wayne Rooney and sing anti-scouse songs at the same time.

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