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Today we speak to Chelsea fan and person behind The Chelsea Blog Denise Hone about life after Ancelotti, what to expect of Andre Villas-Boas and why Chelsea fans are concerned with the lack of transfer activity so far this summer.

What is your greatest hope for the season ahead?

Well, strolling it to a quadruple would be great but realistically, challenging for the title, a bit of Liverpool style luck for the Champions League and still having the same manager in May would do.

And your biggest fear?

Being out of everything and manager-less before the January window.

Thoughts on the club’s summer transfer business

What transfer business? I’ve never been one for spending vast sums of money just because the window’s open but I have to admit I’m pretty concerned no-one at the club seems all that bothered if we put the same squad again this season.

Who’ll be your most important player this season

That’s hard to say when we’ve yet to know who’ll be there. Depressingly, if I go on who is there now I can’t honestly say anyone stands out but then maybe I’m judging the current squad on what wasn’t really anyone’s best season in the last campaign. Obviously we’ll always expect JT as captain to stand up and be counted, I think last season should’ve taught us we can’t be reliant on players like Lampard or Drogba to be the key to our game but I suppose for £50million, we should be expecting Torres to come up with the goods this season.

And who’s the fan favourite

Reds would tell you it’s the ref, although most blues would probably say JT.

Anyone knew who we should keep an eye out for

If we sign anyone I’ll let you know.

The player you’d pay his taxi fee to his new club

Turnball. Could never work out what we signed him for in the first place and still have no idea.

Who do you want to beat most this season?


Opposition players you admire and you despise?

I really rate Berbatov, completely underrated – usually because he makes it look so effortless. Can’t stand Tevez, moody little mercenary.

Have you got the right manager, and what advice would you give him?

I’d like to think so, it’d be quite novel to keep hold of one for a year or two. As for advice though….’don’t take your eye off the situations vacant columns just yet’.

And finally, where will you finish?

Again, a lot depends on any more activity in the market. Somewhere in the top two is as close to a prediction as you’ll get right now.

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