Enjoy an exciting soccer experience at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

If you like soccer, you are going to love visiting the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

This world-class facility and multi-sport venue is home to Atlanta United Football Club that plays in the Major League Soccer or MLS. In addition, it is also the stadium that the Atlanta Falcons use when they are playing in the National Football League or NFL. If you have never stepped foot in this amazing stadium before, it is about time you learned about it. Let’s take a peek inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The official home of Atlanta United

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium offers a take that you will not forget. It can welcome 42,500 fans during a soccer match, with a curtaining system that creates an exciting atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. What’s more, this stadium has the ability to increase its capacity to over 70,000. Indeed, in 2017 when Atlanta United played Toronto FC, they welcomed 71,874 fans through the doors.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium boasts the largest video board used in professional sports. It can be viewed from every angle in HD, as it encircles the roof. It can demonstrate live action in the game, as well as highlights. It is 58 feet tall and really adds to an amazing fan experience for soccer matches. What’s more, around the concourse, there are 2000 television screens to keep you in the loop. But if you would place football bets or surf social media while you wait for the game to start, there are also 1800 wireless access points and some 4000 miles of fiber infrastructure to support connectivity.

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The unique design of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium opened its doors for the first time in August 2017 and it cost around $1.5 billion. It replaced the Georgia Dome and it is owned by the state and operated by AMB Group, which is the organisation that owns the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United.

In particular, the design is unique and stands out from other stadiums across the country. In particular, people love its retractable roof that has a pinwheel design. When it is open, it is supposed to resemble bird wings when they are extended.

Utilising natural light was very important during the design process. Indeed, this is something that fans can enjoy when they visit for a game of soccer and it can almost feel like an outdoor venue. This is thanks to the ETFE panels, which are around the exterior of the stadium, as well as the retractable roof. This allows in a lot of sunshine during the day, plus protecting seating inside when there are storms and rainy weather. In fact, the design was inspired Roman Pantheon oculus in the centre of the dome.

Around the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, you will find a lot of contemporary art. In total, there are 180 commissioned pieces of artwork you can enjoy. In particular, one of the main pieces is The Atlanta Falcon. This is a wonderful stainless steel sculpture that is 41 feet high and weighs over 73,000 pounds.

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