Documentary: Boing Boing – The Baggies And Belonging

For 4 months in early 2014, I have been taking a hiatus from regular writing firstly to focus on my studies, but secondly to film a short documentary about the sense of community amongst West Bromwich Albion supporters – The Baggies And Belonging.

Although it is specific to West Brom, hopefully you will see the relevance that the thrust of the documentary has to all football supporters and you will give it a watch!


Hopefully you will agree it’s been worth my time- and I am relatively pleased with the outcome given it’s my first proper attempt at documentary filming.

Please leave feedback either below, or even better on my new YouTube channel.

Thanks for your time!

Josh Bland 

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Josh Bland

Child of the Football Manager generation. Football writer for,, and Metro Sport amongst others.

13 thoughts on “Documentary: Boing Boing – The Baggies And Belonging

  1. Good stuff, probably an article that is more illuminating for non football supporters as to how football fan culture works.

  2. An interesting concept!! I’m sure that every club’s supporters have similar feelings, however from my own experience as an Albion fan, there is a bond, from the ups and down of the club over the years. A true fan is there rain or shine! Always proud to be a baggie!!! Mate, good documentary!! Keep it up. Boing boing.

  3. bit serious in tone…sounds a bit like a sociology project…bit too academic in approach…would be better, for me, if it was more upbeat and light…unless this was an academic project??

  4. Hi Josh, As someone who lives outside of the West Bromwich area I can tell you that there is something in the West Bromwich Albion community. I really feel the warmth and the sense of belonging when I go to the games. Good Documentary.

  5. Yeah will, it was an academic project. I’m currently working on something that is new and completely different in tone! I thank you all for your kind feedback though

  6. Most enjoyable and conclusive that the passion of the Baggies makes them something a bit special. Good tune at the end. Might catch on. Suggest you call in the Old Hop Pole Inn at Carter’s Green and survey the memorabilia. Decent beer awaits too.

  7. A very interesting documentary Josh. I am 54 and female from Walsall. I became hooked in 1976 at Oldham, when we were promoted. I left the midlands when I was 18, have lived all over the place but mostly the football desert of Surrey! (They all support Chelsea or man United) I remember one of the promotions to the premiership seeing a boy and girl walking down Haslemere High street wearing baggies strips and stopping the car to talk to them.
    (Much to the embarrassment of my younger daughter)
    My brother lives in California and for the 25 years he has lived there flies the Albion flag every time they win in his garden. My brother-in-law still lives in Sutton Coldfield and is a die hard season ticket holder. A few years ago I bought him a baggie Brick with the inscription ‘ A true fan’ He is there what ever division Albion are in. we have shared some amazing times as Albion supporters and they are a common link that keeps us communicating. Although this season there has been little to celebrate we will all be waiting for the first match of the season and all the expectation that it brings. Well done on a good effort!

  8. Good stuff, however tut tut Chris – a spring factory in Wednesbury? It was Salters in West Brom!!

  9. The spring factory in West Bromwich was The Dart Spring in Overend Street- my dad, Les Hall was aforeman there for over 50 years.

  10. Goodonya mate…a great “scholarly” job well done. You are part of the best “community” of them all (and it is in some ways a “life sentence” !)

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