Davids isn’t the only main man for Barnet

Davids BarnetAnthony Kleanthous revealed in an interview yesterday that they do not have a football manager, but instead a trio of coaches will have an equal role in the club.

Edgar Davids has missed two games so far this season, and confirms he will miss more. When he was questioned about his absence, he replied “I don’t have to explain anything to anybody. I don’t have to discuss it. There will be matches when I am not there and so be it. This is what I have spoken about with the chairman. That it is”.

However, both Kleanthous and Davids only spoke on the matter yesterday. Prior to this being released, many Barnet fans became increasingly frustrated. Following the game away at Gateshead, where he was not present, questions started being asked about his commitment, however Barnet won the game 2-1 following a brilliant goal from Jake Hyde in the last minute of normal time so there wasn’t all to much to complain about. But the matter wasn’t as easily overlooked when he did not appear on the sideline against Halifax, away. This was because the Bees lost their first game of the season, 2-1, and the travelling fans were not impressed.

A public statement was needed from the club, and this is where Anthony Kleanthous stepped in. Yesterday he surprised everyone by saying “The thing is we don’t have a manager. We have a completely Dutch set up. There are three coaches, all Dutch, that are involved in our team”. He then went on to say that he wasn’t sure why Davids didn’t travel to Halifax last Saturday, but he did say that Barnet’s number 1 spent some of the time training the players that weren’t picked for the game, and jokingly added that he doesn’t think Davids likes travelling up north.

Kleanthous said that despite there not being a manager, there will be a Dutch set up, with Edgar Davids, Ulrich Landvreugd and Dick Schruder all being in charge of the first team squad. He was also asked who picks the team on match days, however he was unsure but believes that it is in fact Landvreugd, not Davids.

The Bees travel south to Aldershot on Tuesday, and then to Alfreton on Saturday. So if he follows his trend from this season, he should be present at Aldershot, but could be doubtful again Alfreton, as they are based in Derbyshire so it will be a long journey, north.

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