Dalglish’s Sky interview after Suarez refuses Evra’s handshake

Manchester United beat Liverpool 2-1 in a game that will more be remembered for Luis Suarez refusing to shake Patrice Evra’s hand and the two managers, Kenny Dalglish and Sir Alex Ferguson, controversial interviews. Here is the full transcript of the conversation between Dalglish and Sky Sport Geoff Shreeves.

Kenny Dalglish in his after match interview with Geoff Shreeves from Sky Sports said his team deserved credit after giving United a 2-0 lead. He said, “I thought that, obviously, with the two goals coming as close as they did that it made it really difficult for us to get anything from the game.

“To the boys credit they got one back when Luis knocked one over the line from a free kick and then De Gea has a good save. Overall, I think they were the better side but you’d expect that with them at home.

“Five minutes, two goals. It gave us a mountain to climb.”

Shreeves then asked, “Did you have a view on the incident just before half time when Luis Suarez was through and Rio Ferdinand got there, Who got the first touch on the ball, we still can’t decide?

The Liverpool boss replied in good humour, “well if ye have 24 cameras here and 34 repeats and you can’t decide then there’s no chance for me to have a valid opinion.”

He then added, “I thought maybe he nudged the first one, but I don’t know if Ferdinand played the ball first or not.”

The conversation then moved onto Dalglish’s substitutions with the interviewer saying “they had a terrific effect” and asking “what were you trying to change?”

“We were trying to get back into the game,” he replied, “and everybody just needed a wee change and sometimes they work and sometimes it doesn’t. We scored a goal but still lost the game.

“We left ourselves with a mountain to climb and we couldn’t get over it.”

With all the questions on the match all but answered, Shreeves moved to the obvious one and asked “As you know the football won’t dominate the headlines tomorrow. Firstly, your reaction to Luis Suarez refusing to shake Patrice Evra’s hand and did you have an inkling that he was going to do that?

“I never knew he never shook his hand,” Dalglish answered.

“He refused to take his hand,” Shreeves probed.

Dalglish, beginning to get unhappy with the line of questioning, replied, “I’ll take your word for it. But I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I never saw it. That is contrary to what I was told.”

“But now that I have told you that he did do it Kenny, your reaction to that?” said Shreeves still looking for his answer.

“Well, we’ll ask him and we’ll take it from there.

“Do you think you have to take a serious look at his refusal to shake his hand and the way it subsequently set the tone for elements of what happened here today?

“I think you’re very severe,” he told Shreeves before adding, “and I think you’re bang out of order for blaming Luis Suarez for anything that happened here today. “I think predominately both sets of fans behaved really well. They had a bit of banter between each other – no problem. Right, how many bookings was there?” he said turning the question on the interviewer.

Shreeves coolly answered, “Kenny, I’m not not talking about the fans. I wasn’t asking about that, I was…” before Dalglish cut him off repeatedly asking “how many bookings was there?

“Kenny, I’m not talking about the fans,” the interviewer answered.

“How many was there?” the Liverpool boss demanded.

“A couple of bookings Kenny,” answered Shreeves. “Right okay, you know you know Manchester United Liverpool games, that’s not bad.”

“Yes, but Kenny,” Shreeves pushed, “you also know about the controversy in the tunnel. The police were called and the stewards were called before and after the game because of the tension during the game and a lot of that was down to the fact that they didn’t shake hands.”

“You know something else?” asked Dalglish. “You see when we had the game, the FA Cup tie, right, because there was no 24 hour news channel in the build up to the game nothing like this happened.”

“So now, you’re blaming the news channel?” retorted Shreeves.

“No” said Dalglish growing more and more unhappy as the interview progressed, “I’m just saying that it was a bit tight getting through there [the tunnel] but I didn’t see anything. I was here. Right. So if you want to know what happened in there ask somebody else who was there because I wasn’t. Okay.”

The conversation ended with Shreeves thanking Dalglish for the interview.

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3 thoughts on “Dalglish’s Sky interview after Suarez refuses Evra’s handshake

  1. Fergie and all you people in lock-step with him is so out of touch. This is not a ‘racism’ issue at all – and both Fergie and Evra know it. They saw a way to trying and hang Suarez and LFC – and they took it. Suarez is part black and has done a lot of charity work in the slums of South America. He is not racist, the FA says his not racist, Evra said he didn’t think he was racist – but Fergie keeps banging on about racism. What we saw today was the inability of Suarez to capitulate (again) in the moment. He’s paid his fine, done his time, and been vilified in the English press as the poster boy of racism – in the biggest country of bigots and thugs. That hurts! He was forced to drop his appeal, watched as Terry and Ferdinand were let off the handshakes, and now expected to kowtow to a sneering Evra. He is foolish and petulant – but he’s 24 years old. Now we have Fergie talking about him as if he were a murderer needing to be taken out. This is why Dalglish is angry – it’s political and it’s machiavellian. The media want their little foreign immigrant scapegoat to absolve England of its history of hooligan ugliness. The whole thing is a farce and I can’t believe all these pious, sanctimonious comments I’m reading.

    1. I’d go and have a read of Ian Ayre’s and Kenny Dalglish’s statements if I were you. You might find out why King Kenny was so angry.

      Nobody ever said Suarez was a racist, but he did make a racist comment.

      1. Willie, it is very debatable whether or not he made a racist comment. If you read the 115-page report you get a very clear understanding from the linguistic experts that if Suarez’s version of events is believed it is not racist.; if Evra’s are then it is. There is no way you can determine that Evra’s is correct (the panel decided it “probably” was. The panel that consisted of three white, English-speaking men. One of which has ties to Chelsea and another who is a family friend of Ferguson. None of the three speak Spanish, let alone a South American dialect).

        For some more information on how inaccurately the “racist” tag has been thrown around I suggest you read these reports from a non-LFC fan; simply a media skeptic; before you say things like that.



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