Cracking the Code – Understanding EPL odds on Ladbrokes

The English Premier League, a premier men’s football competition, is composed of 20 robust clubs based in the United Kingdom. Ladbrokes, a renowned betting platform, provides more than 100 betting markets for each match played within the season.

From August through to the subsequent May, the Premier League magnetises a wealth of attention from fans and betting enthusiasts alike. Betting opens not only pre-season, but continues across all 38 weeks of play.

One of the most frequented betting markets is on the club that will claim championship glory by topping the EPL ladder at the end of the season. The EPL Championship’s Futures betting is open even before the season’s first whistle, offering promising odds for the clubs. A prime illustration of how Premier League betting can yield substantial returns was the 2015-16 season, when Leicester City, the eventual champions, started at odds around $5000 to secure the title!

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Each week of EPL fixtures, Ladbrokes offers odds on every match, with head-to-head betting emerging as the most popular choice. You can get the latest EPL odds on Ladbrokes and make informed soccer predictions. Just make sure to check in regularly, as odds can fluctuate prior to and throughout the game.

Weekly 2023/24 EPL odds

For the 2023/24 season, the betting odds for the English Premier League stand quite varied among the teams. Manchester City leads the pack with odds at 1.44, followed closely by Arsenal and Liverpool, both pegged at 6.00. Tottenham is next in the running, albeit with a significantly higher odds figure at 26.00.

Aston Villa and Newcastle share the same odds at 67.00, while Manchester United is further down with odds at 101.00. Chelsea follows with a surprising 151.00 odds. Teams such as Brighton, West Ham, Bournemouth, Brentford, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Wolves and Nottingham Forest share longer odds, from 501.00 to 1001.00.

The odds extend even further for Burnley and Everton, both at 2001.00, and finally, Sheffield United and Luton, who are both at the end of the list with odds at 2501.00.

EPL bet types

Below are some of the most popular types of bets that can be placed on Ladbrokes for EPL matches:

EPL Head-to-Head betting

Head-to-Head (H2H) betting is a popular bet type on Ladbrokes for EPL matches. It involves placing a wager on one of two teams in a specific match. In H2H betting, one team is typically considered the ‘favour’, with shorter odds, while the opposing team, the ‘underdog’, is given longer odds. However, in matches where the teams are evenly matched, even money can be offered for both sides in H2H markets. It’s noteworthy that soccer has a higher propensity for draws compared to other sports, and each game on Ladbrokes also provides odds for this outcome.

EPL Footy Freaks betting

Exclusive to Ladbrokes, the Footy Freaks betting market is a unique cross-code offering available for competitions like the EPL and A-League. Here, odds are set on a particular player, handpicked by the bookmakers, to score a goal and subsequently lead their team to victory in the match. This betting type adds an exciting twist to traditional betting, elevating the thrill of the game by combining player performance and team outcome in one wager.

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Premier League Championship betting

While the English Premier League (EPL) does not feature a conventional finals series, each year culminates in the crowning of a Champion! This prestigious title is claimed by the team that sits atop the Premier League table following the gruelling 38-week season. Anticipation for the Championship title sparks a flurry of betting activity, with futures markets opening even before the season begins.

These markets offer odds on each club’s prospects of clinching the title, and are updated weekly throughout the competition, keeping punters abreast of each club’s championship odds.

EPL goal scoring markets

Premier League betting offers a diverse range of markets, and among the most sought-after are those centred around goal scoring. Bettors have the opportunity to engage with EPL odds, focusing on the leading goal scorer in a single match or throughout the entire season.

Additionally, odds are available that predict the total number of goals a club will score, either in an individual match or cumulatively across the full 38-week season. This offers an added level of excitement, allowing you to follow your favourite club’s scoring prowess closely or track the progress of top strikers in the league.

If you’re new to EPL betting on Ladbrokes, don’t be intimidated by the extensive list of markets and odds available. Researching the teams, players and recent form can help you make informed decisions when placing your bets. And remember, with so many opportunities for betting each week, it’s crucial to gamble responsibly and within your means.

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