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Nathan Coe VictoryNathan Coe is the number 1 ‘keeper for the Melbourne Victory Football Club. Coe, who hails from the humid, leafy suburban streets of Brisbane, has played three senior games for the Socceroos for three “clean sheets” and was lucky enough to spend two years with Italian football giants Inter Milan along with stints at PSV  Eindhoven, FC Copenhagen, Orgryte IS, Randers FC and SonderjskE. He rises from the pitch to a very imposing 191cm or 6ft 3in in the old measure and has an uncanny ability in peeling of some pretty acrobatic saves.

Nathan has recently poured out his heart and soul on-line to Fox Sports’ well-respected football commentator and caller Simon Hill, but I peppered him in the six-yard box with some hard-hitting volleys and strikes that will hopefully share with you a little more about the man behind the gloves. As the great football writer Brian Glanville famously penned, “Goalkeepers are different”, so let’s see what makes Nathan Coe different from the other keepers in the A-League. I’m guessing he will struggle to keep a clean sheet in this match up…

What was the first CD you ever bought?

It was actually a “tape” or cassette on a family overseas trip and I bought Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’. On returning home I thought I would love to see them live one day only to find out that Kurt Cobain had tragically died. It’s a classic album that still resonates today.

What was the make and model of your first car?

I drove my dad’s Holden Commodore VL for a while but when based in Italy with Inter Milan, I bought a Fiat Punto Sport and drove it around the city and to training with teammate and mate Carl Valeri. There wasn’t too much room for any other passengers unfortunately!

Favourite pre-game meal?

My last meal before a game is a staple of brown rice with chicken and onion. Or if we have a late game I will have try something like lamb chops with salad.

Tell the readers something they wouldn’t know about you?

I once owned a go-cart with Jason Culina at our time at PSV Eindhoven.

Most embarrassing moment on and off the pitch?

At primary school my teacher wouldn’t allow me to go to the toilet and you guessed it, I couldn’t hold it in and wet my strides. Thankfully never happened again but never forgot it. On the pitch I would have to say anytime the ball crosses my goal line. Always tough to take, but you just have to shake it off quickly and move on and bounce back.

Best advice for young keepers?

Train hard; listen intently to your coaches; don’t try to over think things and number one enjoy the game you love!


Not surprisingly it is “Coey”…Not much thought went into that one.


Communicating on the pitch and good hands. I feel I’m improving in my ball distribution and enjoy the way I can start the attacking movement from the back.

What goalkeeper or player did you want to be growing up?

As a huge Manchester United fan, I loved watching Eric Cantona, but since becoming a full time keeper I enjoy watching Iker Casillas (Spain and Real Madrid) and of course the Danish keeping legend Peter Schmiechel.

Where do you like to holiday?

I would have to say New York. It is one of the best cities in the world without a doubt.

If you weren’t a footballer what do you think you would do as a day job?

Definitely nothing involving school as I just wasn’t good at it. Probably another sport like cricket or AFL as I played a lot of it at school.

Career high/low?

High: Representing my country in my chosen sport, and being in the squad with the great Mark Schwarzer.


Low: The disappointment of being eliminated by UAE after earlier beating favourites Brazil in the U20 World Cup. It was a bitter pill to swallow after having done so well against the might of Brazil.

Most famous person you have met?

That would have to be Melbourne Heart keeper Clint Bolton.


He can be followed at @bootsa22 on Twitter!

Favourite TV show?

“The Wire” or “Band of Brothers”…… both classics.

Toughest shot to stop at the Victory?

Would have to say Adama Traore or Diogo Ferreira.

Who do you room with on the road?

Archie Thompson. Archie is always upbeat and makes me laugh. Hard to believe he’s 34. He’s like a big kid and keeps you nice and relaxed and chilled before a game.

Last movie you saw?

“The Campaign” starring Will Farrell. His movies are always great for a laugh.

Favorite Karaoke song?

I’m not gifted in the singing department so I try to avoid karaoke at all costs. If I were to though I would have a crack at Green Day’s “Time of my Life”

The best pitch you have ever played on?

I have played on some great pitches in Europe, but I would have to say that AAMI Park, Melbourne is world class and a great surface for football.

In three words can you describe the A-League?

Improving; physical and underrated

Rock, Paper or Scissors?


Nathan Coe can be followed on Twitter.

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