Can anyone stop Mourinho’s Chelsea?

As Jose Mourinho will no doubt be grinning like a Cheshire cat after his side’s triumph over Tottenham in the final of the Carling Cup, many are questioning whether in fact anyone will catch Chelsea in the Premier League.

With the rather combustible Manchester City struggling to hit their stride amid injuries and rumours that manager Manuel Pelligrini could well be on his way out of the Etihad in the summer, all the momentum seems to be in the favour of Mourinho’s men.

Lets face it; there isn’t a team in the Premier League that can park the bus as well as Chelsea can – engineered by their captain and polarizing figure, John Terry. But while the others are licking their wounds from recent poor results, Mourinho’s men will no doubt chug on at their own pace, and most probably lift the title at the end of the season.

The Portuguese tactician has never been one for artistry-in-abundance, case in point at Madrid where he abandoned their typical overzealous tactics for a more pedestrian approach. Yes, it backfired but the point is Mourinho will never be swayed in his approach – one in which has brought him so much success in the past.

This stance has also been apparent at Chelsea where he rebuffed owner Roman Abramovich’s pleas to play fluid attacking football, instead employing modern-day robust footballers like Oscar instead of whimsical luxury players.

It’s this rather brawny backbone that has given Mourinho the right to employ this win at all cost approach. With summer additions like the unfazed Diego Costa and the dependable Cesc Fabregas, Mourinho has molded Chelsea into a trustworthy and resolute, well-oiled machine. And, who could argue with someone who is delivering results in the way Mourinho is currently?

You only have to look at the weekend selection of Cahill, Terry and Zouma to see that Mourinho has only one thing on his mind: winning. It doesn’t matter how he gets there, the job just has to get done. If he has to sacrifice beautiful flowing passing football akin Liverpool and Manchester City at their best, then so be it.

With the team heading into their fixture against an indifferent West Ham team at the weekend, many see this as a foregone conclusion even before the game has kicked off. Football experts at Betfair state that Mourinho has never been beaten in a Premier League tie against West Ham. With his Chelsea side beating West Ham six out of seven times during his two stints in charge of the Stamford Bridge side.

As Mourinho begins to mold his team similar to the title winning team of 2005 and 2006 with him replicating the likes of Makelele with Matic and so forth, the likelihood of the Blues wheels coming off in the closing stages of the season are slim. Maybe the only external variable that could be detrimental to them is how far they can go in the Champions League.

But regardless of whether they reach the latter stages of European football, Mourinho’s team seem focused and en route to capturing the Premier League for the first time since 2010.

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  1. Back Street article more like – indescribable inaccuracies ( a robust footballer like Oscar – do me a favour) allied with barely hidden envy – don’t give up the night job.

  2. My friend, you haven’t done yourself any good with this your article, you talked as if Chelsea only defend and don’t attack at all, come on give me a break! Just a piece of advice for you, don’t be bias, try and be sincere next time.

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