BPF’s Top 50 Players in the World – Get Voting!


It’s time to vote in the fourth annual BPF Top 50 Players in the World!

To submit a vote, download the excel file below, fill out your Top 25 in the space provided and send it back to us at editor@backpagefootball.com.

We’ve provided a longlist of 130 names to help you through your selections. We’d suggest removing the name from your longlist once you’ve entered him in your top 25 so as to avoid any duplications.

Remember, this is based on 2013 calender year form, so don’t forget about domestic and international exploits. It feels like a long time ago now, but we had the Confederations Cup during the summer as well as a huge slate of World Cup qualifying games throughout the year.


Having issues? Email us or send us a tweet @bpfootball.

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