Arsenal’s over dependence on Aubameyang is a concern

The Gunners are down and out. In 21 Premier League matches this season, they haven’t been able to make good use of the opportunities at hand.

Currently, they are placed 10th with nine draws, six wins and as many losses. To be very honest, they have not been able to score frequently. 

If you wish to win matches, then you need to score goals. Playing out goalless draws isn’t going to help your cause.

Now, if you wish to score goals, then you need a potent forward line. In all fairness, the current Arsenal setup lacks a formidable forward line. Currently, the side happens to be over-dependent on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

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In 21 Premier League matches thus far, the 30-year-old has scored 13 goals (till January 6). Interestingly, the team has scored a total of 28 goals this season (in 21 matches), which means Aubameyang has scored almost 50% of the goals. If you want to see Aubameyang in action, then get your Arsenal FC tickets booked.

 He has been the club’s most-consistent goal scorer in recent times. Much like the previous seasons, Aubameyang has marshalled the club’s attacking lines, more or less single-handedly.

The fact is they are over-dependent on him. If he scores, they are good. If he doesn’t, they struggle. Such has been the club’s over-reliance on the lad from Gabon.

Others need to step up

Other strikers in the line-up haven’t been able to score consistently. After Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette has scored the maximum number of goals this season for Arsenal (5). The gulf between these two is widening at an alarming rate. 

Aubameyang is a star, but he seems to have been overburdened. One man (alone) cannot inspire a team of 11. Others have to work in tandem with Aubameyang if they wish to get back to the winning ways.

What do they need?
They need their strikers to step up 

Well, if you wish to win the Premier League, then you need all of your players to step up. Somebody needs to assist Aubameyang.

The likes of Lacazette and Gabrielle Martinelli need to cushion Aubameyang. They need to start scoring goals (start with the assists). No matter how good a striker you are, you will always need assistance from your teammates if you want to win matches.

The problem with Arsenal is others seem to be honeymooning while Aubameyang is doing most of the scoring. Arsenal needs two more potent strikers in their line-up. Lacazette has to be one of them.

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The Gunners need their strikers to come out with some creative skills. On-field creativity is required to turn scoring opportunities into goals.

Get other strikers to play a more pivotal role in the team; Martinelli needs to be tried more often. The more he plays, the better he will get. You cannot turn a youngster into a match-winner by making him warm the benches. 

Bernd Leno isn’t in the best form, which means others need to be tried

The 27-year-old has been under the pump right from the beginning of the 2019/20 season. He has been unable to nullify the attacks launched by the opposition.

Fans are disheartened because Leno is looking ineffective. He seems to be going through a rough patch. You want your first choice goalkeeper to perform well, don’t you?

If Leno isn’t performing as per expectations, then it will be in the club’s best interest to try out the youngsters. Ryan Macey can be given a few opportunities. He has showcased his brilliance, albeit in patches, but he deserves a chance.

Arsenal are known for their undying spirit. They will bounce back (most likely), now they just need a little time to regroup.

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